Favorite Things: My SIL Brittany!

09 November 2021

Hello and please welcome my beautiful sister-in-law Brittany! I adore this girl ♥ They have been living close to us for the past 2 years and will move this summer for a fellowship and I'm already sad about it. She's got the cutest 2 kids and just graduated from cosmetology school and is a wizard at all things hair and beauty. She is the perfect match for Charlie, the youngest on my husband's side and is just chill, fun, easy to be around, and super organized. Enjoy her and her favorites!

1. Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo & Joico Blonde Life Brightening ConditionerIf you’re blonde you need this set! I’ve tried several blonde shampoos & conditioners and this is by far my favorite. It helps so much with maintaining brightness, without drying out your hair (like many purple shampoos & conditioners tend to do). Also, it’s cheaper than many other salon quality hair care products. 

2. Babe Lash Essential Serum: I swear I have the shortest lashes ever but this serum has helped! I put it on every night after washing my face. I’ve been using it for about three months now & have started noticing a difference in the past few weeks. A three month supply is around $65  

3. Erase Your Face Cloths: I used alcohol makeup wipes for years until I found these babies. I’ve tried a few times to stop using alcohol makeup wipes because I know how bad they are for your skin but nothing I found removed my makeup as seamlessly. These are awesome though. You just put water on the cloth & wipe your makeup off! You can also wash and reuse them. They are $9.99 on Amazon for a pack of four. 

4. Made by Mary Jewelry: Made By Mary is my favorite company for personalized jewelry. I wear my Made By Mary necklace almost everyday. Mine has the initials of my husband & two kids on it. My good friend’s father recently passed away & I got her one with her father’s birth month flower on it. I just love the sentiment & simplicity of this company’s jewelry! 

5. Where the Crawdads Sing: This has become my all time favorite read. I found it on Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club list & it did not disappoint! If you’re into a book about resilience with a little mystery & romance then you need to read this book! I seriously couldn’t put it down!

6. Fannie May S'Mores Snack Mix: My husband and I are kinda obsessed with these. It’s a s’more without the mess! Whenever we find them at Costco we have to buy a bag because we can’t always find them. Fair warning though these are so dangerous to have in the house because they are honestly just that delicious!

7. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: I went through around three diaper bags within six months when I had my daughter. Then I finally decided to invest in a diaper bag that would last & let me tell you I couldn’t love this diaper bag more. I’ve had it for about three and a half years now & I’ll probably keep it for all of my babies because it’s holding up so nicely. It also has all of the pockets you could need! 

8. Kenra Thermal Spray: I love this thermal spray! It comes in a pretty big bottle & is around $16 on Amazon. I love how you can use it as a thermal spray & hairspray. It’s so great for hair that is colored! 

9. Revlon Colorstay Foundation: this foundation is so awesome for the price. Before using this I spent around $30-$40 dollars on foundation. This guy is a little under $10. I love how it’s full coverage. It also comes in natural or matte finish, depending on your skin type.

10. Reduce Tumbler: I don’t buy plastic water bottles so a good water bottle/tumbler is a must! I love this one because it has a straw & fits in car cup holders! I got mine in a pack of two from Costco but I can’t find them there anymore. They also sell them at Target & Amazon in cute colors like this one! 

Thanks for your favorites, Brittany! Click here to see more 2021 Favorite Things. Thanks for stopping by.

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