Favorite Things: my SIL Mary!

10 November 2021

I'm thrilled to have my sister-in-law Mary here today! Mary has been with me from the beginning since I knew her in high school when I met her brother, my now husband! She is super smart and is a wealth advisor in Dallas and has 2 daughters in college -- one at University of Texas and another at BYU. She is always taking care of others and watched our kids when we lived in Texas so we could took a trip to DC.  Mary also sends thoughtful cards and gifts to the nieces and nephews and remembers birthdays and special occasions. We all love Aunt Mary! Here she is sharing her favorites from 2021:

1. Fav, fun, calorie burn: Rebounding After seeing a video of Eva Longoria exercising on a trampoline, I decided to try this reviving 80s trend and purchased an inexpensive version from Amazon. It arrived with a broken leg from questionable welding, so I began researching brands and features. ReboundFintess has been making them since the 80’s and I went with the Maximus Pro.

WELL + FOOD's 15-20 minute HIIT workout trampoline routines are my fav!

digital notes are not for me. Penning tasks to paper increases chance I’ll complete it. For 15+ years, my trusted Franklin planner has worn beautifully, it leather outlasting cars and purses. Franklin Covey’s also makes insert pages of to customize to the uniqueness of each life. This year I’ve used meal planning pages in conjunction with the shopping lists on next tab. For work, the client contact logs keep me on point. I expect to get another 15 years out of this fav!

4. Fav Thanksgiving Planning Guide: Women of Today by Camila Alves McConaughey I discovered Camilla’s site while reading her series on reducing Sugar intake and cravings that I’d come across, which was the best content I’d ever read on the topic. As I scrolled through the sections on her site I can across her Thanksgiving guide. I loved the way it explained laid out the planning weeks in advance. 

5. Fav Rug Meets Fav Dog I fell in love with this handwoven NuLoom rug the moment I unrolled it. It’s no surprise that my English Golden, Penny loved its thick wool pile too, and was constantly laying on it. Getting too comfortable, she eventually relieved her bladder on the rug’s lovely bold hue. Quickly realizing what she’d done, she played dead to absolve herself. It was so funny to watch that I spared her any impending consequences.

6. Fav Home Discovery: Sharon Nolan Pebble Art It’d be tough to skim her website without finding one of her quant 3D creations to love. They use little space in home and can even sit on a desk. Her 50+ scenes pop with visibility, depicting a range of subjects from fishing, family, homes, pets, newlyweds and more. 

7. Fav Way to End a Day: Pjs and Tea During my struggling teens I’d occasionally come home to find my mom sitting in her PJs next to the table set with 2 mugs and peanut butter toast quartered for sharing. She never had to ask me to join, her well-recognized gaze of unconditional acceptance secured my seat. For a few minutes we’d shared simple conversation on the flavor of tea we each chose that night and why, but connected on much more. It’s no wonder a centering cup of hot cup of tea made my list! I brews in a Keurig, using k-pod disposable liners. 

My 3 fav sips: 
2. Ecoteas Organic Unsmoked Pure Leaf Yerba Mate can be found at local natural foods stores. I like to add peppermint (oil or leaves) before snapping on that lid. Provides antioxidant -rich, clean energy.
3. Starbucks Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa cures sweet cravings or accommodates a hot cocoa toppings bar. 

8. Fav Super-Soft, Mega-Cozy Blanket: Kirkland's Signature Plush Blanket I’ve lived in freezing states before, but when you marry Texas with week-long, record- freezing temps, the result was frozen gas lines and power windmills causing massive power failures through the state. With water lines frozen I wrapped them in blankets and a soft, cozy blanket soared to the top of my fav things. Hoping to keep even one or two extra degrees of warmth inside, I decked windows and doors with my new fav things, blankets! 

9. Fav Electronic: Sonos Roam As we might say in TX, “Darlin’ the proof is in the puddin’!” The small portable Sonos Roam is superior in sound and capabilities compared to its more expensive competitors. Over past 5 years, I’ve been building my Sonos collection, one speaker or room at time because they customization and capabilities are awesome!
Sonos’s app offers creative options to interplay each room and most home devices. Its intuitive and easy to learn with cool features, including a library of vendor platforms to connect and feed sound from. 
The creative ways to use Sonos are many. The next time my kids are ignoring my request to come eat dinner, I’ll just switch the speaker in their specific rooms to play “Mamma Mia”, to subtly remind them moms speaking. While their speakers play one song, my audiobook playing in kitchen will continue, without break. 

10. Fav Subscription: Harvard Business Review  The massive library of past and current article content is written for the non-academic readers and compared to a typical article. You’re sure to locate search results for whatever struggles your workplace is having. These articles provide real solutions that when applied will return great dividends through more success at work, even for non-business environments. The digital subscription also includes great contents with books and audio content.

11. Fav Dumpling Makers: My daughter’s college roommate is from China visited TX earlier this year. On her and my daughters’ Tejas bucket list was to have make authentic Chinese Dumplings using a recipe her mom provided. They purchased ingredients at a specialty market and made incredible hand-rolled pork dumplings! Here is a link for 7 dumpling recipes: A Guide to 7 Types of Chinese Dumplings (thespruceeats.com) I like bamboo quality of the steaming trays in this set from Amazon

12. Fav surprise purchase: NANOLEAF I picked up these neutral wood light tiles on a steep sale, figuring I’d return. Amazingly, within the day, I had them dancing to La Boheme, while I lay on the couch with lights off I experienced music in an entirely new way and will be keeping them for sure! 
Most tiles NANOleaf makes are bright colored, some can even change with a handprint using or by 100s of programmable options. Gamers are sure to love, but so would teens or bedrooms where sleeping princesses sleep that would doze off to slowly fading pink and purple light. My daughter’s boyfriend is 21 and commenting on how cool he thought they were too.

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