My Favorite Things 2021

10 November 2021

Hello! I hope you have loved Favorite Things 2021! Here are some of my favorites from this year.

* Studio McGee Pine Branch Arrangement -- if you can find this in stock it is SO pretty and would be perfect through the winter after Christmas. I have it on my entryway table.

* Thick Cheese Grater my parents gave us a 3 pack of Wonder Shredders for Christmas years ago and our favorite is the thick one. It's hard to find Wonder Shredders anywhere so this is the closest. We use it for apples for pies and thick cheese -- especially the Coastal cheddar from Costco for this salad.

* Under the Tulip Tree -- one of my favorite reads of the year ♥ The audio version is fantastic.

* Hearth and Hand Lamp -- these are so good. They are large, come with the shade and bulb. This one is also beautiful if you can find it in stock!

* Viracid --  don't pay Amazon price but you can read the reviews if you want to know more about it. Check your local pharmacy or store that sells natural supplements or check online health stores. It should be about $30 a bottle. This is for immune support and my doctor swears by this! Start taking it if you feel any sickness coming on or just for daily immune support. My boys were sick this month with strep throat and colds and I felt it coming on one night and I started taking this. I couldn't believe how much better I felt within 24 hours and didn't end up getting it. Yay! 

* Cutest holiday paper plates you will ever see. I use them for Christmas dinners for easy cleanup

* Gap Fit Shirts -- I love these for working out because they are lightweight yet not see through (I only have the darker colors) Some of us prefer shirts to tanks and don't want anything tight and clingy. The back covers your bum too!

* Welly bandages -- these are the cutest bandaids you have ever seen and are perfect to keep in your car or for a care package. Because if you're going to get hurt you might as well make it a little happy, right?

* Mercer Culinary Chef's Knife -- this is the knife we all go for every time in the kitchen whether we're cutting a watermelon or slicing brisket. We bought it 5 years ago and use it for everything. I love the weight, the way it feels in my hand, and it sharpens nicely. You can't beat the price!

the Immanuel Wreath ♥ each candle slot has a different name for the Savior and it can be used for Christmas and Easter. I pre-ordered it before they came out and it arrived and is so beautiful! You can download the scriptures to use with each name of Christ here. It let me use the $10 off $50 code you can find in the catalog here

* 52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens -- I think these are brilliant for teens! I have a little wall holder down in my boys' bathroom that I put things like this for some quality reading time :) Utah readers, check your Costco! Mine had these for less $$

* I promise I'm not a walking ad for Target but I love these salt and pepper shakers and they are back in stock. I think the wood is perfect and the pepper grinds perfectly.

do you ever help Santa and pick up gifts for him to give you? I may have done this with this one. A beautiful linen color dutch oven with a gold knob? For $29.98?! (the linen with gold knob is under the baby blue one) And look at all the colors! You can choose your favorite and just keep it out on the stove. This went right in my cart at Sam's under the salad mix and bark thins. Balance, right? ♥

Gift twine -- you can't tell from the stock picture but these are nice and thick. A steal for $2.48 for the pack of 3 found lurking in the aisles of Walmart near you. These were in my store hanging on the endcap of the outdoor lights. Or you can order for pickup!

* Secret Treasures Velour Jogger Set : it wouldn't be Favorite Things without a comfy set from Walmart, would it? These are SO soft and a fine (more refined? not quite like the 90's velour track suits LOL) velour perfect for lounging or PJ's. I love this color too ♥  Here is the top (this is the gem slate color shown) and here are the joggers gem slate color) I also LOVE the softness of this pajama set (same velour soft material) but the patterns just aren't my favorite. 

* Ok this one is more of an investment rather than a "thing" but we have LOVED our Sleep Number bed. We are officially getting old. :) This was all my husband's idea and he researched all the mattresses and he chose this one out and I really didn't think it would matter to me but I have fallen in love with it. I love that we can have separate softness (he chooses 35, I am at 25), the base can go up or down to help with snoring, or acid reflux or watching a movie, it tracks your sleep on the app and there is a dim light that comes on underneath the bed when you get up in the middle of the night so you don't trip. I love melting into it at night and it's really hard to leave it in the morning. I am in love with a mattress! Is that crazy? As my husband points out -- more than 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping so why not invest in a mattress like you would something like a car? Just in case you are in the market for one! We got the ILE one with the adjustable bases that isn't available anymore but I think this is closest. Tip: I would just go ahead and order their sheets when you order the mattress and just roll it all into one price. They are really nice and the other sheets we got online (that we tried to save money on) didn't stay on so we ended up ordering them anyway.  Their beds also have a 15 year warranty and they deliver and set them up for you. They may have better prices around Black Friday?? We paid 3k for the mattress and 2k for the base during their Labor Day sale last year.  I would definitely go into the store to try them out. Good luck ♥ We are obviously big fans and I wish I was getting paid to tell you this but I'm not. :)

* Battery organizer: something about this makes me super happy and maybe prepared?  And add 9 volts to my grocery list :) They are out this one but here is a similar one. I love that they have a battery tester so you can see if the batteries are old!

And last but not least you know I love LOFT clothing if you've been reading long here. Today they happen to have FREE shipping on any order + 50% off + 11% off with code LUCKY so it's the best day to order! I love this pocket poncho sweater (so many pretty colors but I have it in this one) but it runs large so size down! With free shipping it's a great time to order stocking stuffers like jewelry or sunglasses ♥

Whew! Thanks for sticking with me. Here are the other guests for Favorite Things 2021. Enjoy ♥

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