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07 October 2022


* a perfect fall house ♥

* she makes me laugh so hard. part 1 and part 2

and DEALS! We need to talk. Holiday deals are already beginning 😵 Target began yesterday and Walmart will join the fun on Monday and Amazon is supposed to be next Tuesday with Black Friday-like deals. 

This year there seems to be an abundance of merchandise so everyone is getting a headstart on grabbing your attention + dollars. Target had apple watches series 7 for $279 and they flew - also the Beats noise cancelling headphones for $150 and also went super fast . I am guessing Walmart and Amazon might match that so I would be early if you want to catch those deals. Here is the thing I love about Target. They will do price adjustments for anything you buy between now and Christmas

So.. say if you do buy the Dyson Cordless for $299 and it goes cheaper at Target or ANY OTHER STORE you can hop on the chat and give them the info and they will credit you in the form of original payment. I've done it before and it just takes minutes so you don't have to worry!

Ok, on to the deals for today! I'm not doing pictures today because I'm short on time so let's try this.

My favorite deals at Target are: 

I love Stars Above pajamas!! I have them and love the softness and comfiness of them - here are a few styles:

More deals:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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