Teenage Boy Gift Ideas + Stocking Stuffers

14 December 2022

Ok, I consulted my top teenage experts - my nephews Dallin and Braden and my son Logan to help me with this post to give you ideas for your favorite teenage son, nephew, grandson, cousin, etc. I count on them to let me know what's in these days. I love these boys and they are crazy but they clean up really nicely too!

Here we go - here is what the teenagers want these days:

* Nike Air Force 1 lows or Air Max 97's in their favorite color or all white

Apple Airpod Pros OR Air Pods Max would be the ultimate 

* these are the best power chargers - it makes it very easy, a lot of people love them because they are easy to charge and you don't have to carry around a charger and a portable charger. You can plug into the wall, it has the cables, and charges 3 devices at one time. Buy at Walmart here  or hereCostco,  Sams ClubBest Buy

* Wristbands/bracelets and Lava Rock Bracelets

Lifestyle Bands

* Chain Necklaces

* Gas cards to their favorite/closest gas station

* Good, reliable chapstick like Nivea or Burt's Bees 

* Ring Variety Pack

Good cologne - some good scents that aren't too expensive are Nautica Voyage, Clean Slate by Bath and Body Works, and Chrome Cologne for Men

* Keychains with retractable cords

* Good lotion for the dry winter months. Curel is nice and won't interfere with your cologne but if you want scented Bath and Body Ocean is good.

* Lanyards - Nike or favorite team

* Thread wallets - solid color or fav team

* New Era fitted MLB hats with his favorite team

* Stance Socks , no show socks, Nike low socks but crew style socks are fading out though - mid, low, or no shows are best.

* travel size Ocean cologne

* Gift Cards to their favorite food places

* relaxed fit, untapered pants and jeans like here, or here, or here

* Nike Hoodie

* Gum Packs! Favorites are Extra Polar Ice, Extra Spearmint,  5 Peppermint Gum

* Carhartt Beanies or Lonely Ghost beanies are super popular right now

* Blender bottle for working out

* For gamers: XBox play store gift card or Playstation gift card

* get them a new phone case (Casely also has fun ones) and a long charger

* search Ebay for vintage sweatshirts of bands/colleges/teams/states they like

* get them a big box of their favorite cereal, a big tub of Nesquik, or a bunch of Easy Mac, Black Forest Gummy Bears, Rice Krispie treats, or their favorite snack. Logan is also obsessed with Nitro Pepsi right now.

We hope this gives you some good ideas for those teenage boys! Thanks for reading.

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