Favorite Things 2023: my SIL Georgi!

07 November 2023


Hello and welcome to Day 2 of Favorite Things! Please welcome my sister-in-law Georgi today! I adore Georgi - she is chill and fun and has a great sense of humor and always gives me grace because I married her brother 😉 And she makes epic food - my boys talk about her biscuits and gravy, I just want her cinnamon rolls (see recipe below) and she made a legendary Reeses cake for my husband. She is thoughtful and kind and always plans fun things for our family to get together and knows the latest and greatest games and best candy to try. Welcome, Georgi!!

1. The Art of Extract Making: I love to try new things, and I love baking! I have always wanted to make my own homemade vanilla and stumbled upon a class that also had a book. While I haven’t made an extract yet, I have loved this book and am excited to try my hand at some of these recipes (specially Winter Spice pg. 77). Think of Christmas in an extract, and it’s spot on! I plan on making it this November and using it next year in all the baked goods! There’s a facebook group, and it’s probably the nicest group you would visit. 

2. Caramel S’More’s from Costco: For years, I have loved the S’mores mix that you can get from Costco. A couple of months ago, I discovered the caramel s’mores that are there, and they are divine! I love getting them and having one when I need a little something sweet. With the added caramel, it’s just the right yumminess.

3. 40oz. HydroJug: I have had a Stanley for a year and love the 40 oz size because I felt like I drank more water. My only complaint was that it if it fell over, water could spill out. Enter the Hydro Jug!It’s fantastic because it’s the same size but leak-proof. I’ve already tipped it over a couple of times and no water came out.

4. The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover: I work and have an extremely active 3year old boy! At the end of the day, the last thing I really want to do is take off my make-up, butI’ve found this to be an easy way to take off my mascara so it’s not on me in the morning.

5. EcoFrenzy Kids Floss Picks: I took my son to the dentist earlier this year and was surprised that they flossed his teeth. He was a champ and was great about it, so I thought I’d try it at home.These come in four different colors, so it’s fun for him to pick them out when he flosses. He’s great about it, and with Halloween just finishing, I feel so much better using the flossers.

6. Hair Clips: Hair clips have made a come back, and I love them because they are easy to use when you just need to throw your hair up and go. My three year old even told me my hair looked nice when I was wearing one, so it has the stamp of approval of a 3 year old boy.  I like these colors because they’re neutral so they are easy to wear with anything!

7. A favorite recipe: Gaston's Famous Cinnamon Rolls - I usually just make regular size rolls and the caramel butterscotch topping is amazing! 

And then Dominion, we’ve only played a couple of times and I’ve lost both times BUT I still had fun and learned how to play the game. And I want to play it again so it’s a sign to me that it’s fun. But it’s a game best played with at least one person who has played it before. They are a lot of fun and probably take just about an hour. And of course my all time favorite is Settlers of Catan but it’s hard to play with just two people.

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