Oh Happy Day!

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A room in our home is finally finished! It's only the entryway, but we're all about baby steps here...so here is the *BEFORE*

And here is the *AFTER*

It's just been a little here and there, but it gives me a ray of hope for the rest of the house! I attempted my first color glaze, and I painted over it twice I was so frustrated with it. I was going for a soft, kind of parchment look. I kept getting interrupted and then when I picked up again, my pattern would look totally different. But once you get going, it's actually kind of fun. I finally realized I could only do it after the kids were in bed. I want to find a cute mirror or something to put above the table.


  1. It looks great!!! I just can't wait until we are in a place where we can actually paint the walls!! Keep posting as projects get finished. :)

  2. Yahoo...you blogged!!! I am sooo glad!

    Your house is looking awesome! I think your painting looks GREAT!!! It is fun to work with glaze. Now you have the hang of it....twill be a piece of cake!!!

    Looks good girl!!! Keep on!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. It looks AWESOME LISSY GIRL! You've got STYLE! And you are ahead of me on posting pics of your place! I'm still working on it. It seems when I've cleaned the place, and it's picture ready, I get distracted, and then the next thing I know is it's messy again! UGH!

  4. Nice work! It looks awesome.

  5. I am so impressed! Good work. I need you to help me wtih my re-models. It sounds like you have enough to do though. Keep posting the before and afters as you go, it is good inspiration.

    Do you have a Hobby Lobby? They have cute mirrors and always have 40% off coupons.

  6. It looks FABULOUS Melissa! You guys did some great work! Did you texturize the walls? What did you use?

  7. Wow. Your house is looking great. I love the entry way. I think you have talent girl. I hope all is well.

  8. Hi Mel!!! It's Emily. The hall looks GREAT!! Your kids are super cute. Give Hyrum a big hello from me!


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