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I missed out on a lot of blog parties yesterday. I had good intentions to join, but the day just got away from me, and I was just too tired. This pregnancy thing is getting a bit old. So I'm joining late. But I have to tell you, I loved all your name suggestions and have been going through them with my husband. Y'all should write a name book! Thank you so much~I have a few I love, and will let you know the final decision when he makes his appearance!

So, here are some more Christmas touches around my house. For those of you visiting the first time, there are lots more Christmas posts, just go to my December posts.
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My It's a Wonderful Life village:
Target used to sell this collection, and then they discontinued it~sadness. I used to buy one each year after Christmas at the sales to add to my collection, and wish I would have gotten a few more pieces each Christmas. The little sign below says You are Now in Bedford Falls, and do you see the Welcome Home, Harry Bailey sign on city hall?
Christmas tree:

It's pretty simple: just red berry garland, some green/red burlap ribbon, and family ornaments with lots of memories attached. And, of course lots of IAWL ornaments.

I love this statue. My mom gave each of her kids one a few Christmas' ago. You will never guess where she got them? Wal-mart. For 19.99. She saw one at one of her friends' homes and couldn't believe it when she told her where she got it, so she went and bought them out. I've had people mistake it for one of those expensive Lladro statues. A teddy bear that has been with me a long time...
A little tree topped with some rustic brown bells from the Dollar Tree and some fun Lang vintage Christmas boxes.

if you were the letter "e", where would you be hiding?
Another sentimental piece: I was with my mom when she bought it over 10 years ago. She had written on the back how we got it downtown at a little store and then went out to lunch at a little diner afterward. She gave it to me a few years ago, and I just love it because it has her handwriting on it and the memories.
little red potted trees with a snowflake ornament on top:
Thanks for looking! I'll be back later with a ribbon intervention and some moss fun from Wal-mart. Whaaaa??? I know. You'll see :)


  1. Hey, better late than never to a party, I always say (especially since I show up late a lot myself, ha).

    Everything looks so pretty at your house! I can't believe that statue was only $19 at Wal-Mart. It looks so expensive.

    Thanks for joining my blog party and giving us the tour. Merry Christmas!! -Julia :-)

  2. I use to have this village. It's my all time favorite Christmas movie! However, when they discontinued it, and I too didn't have all the pieces, it was too much for hubby to handle. (he has to have completion!) SO, we sold the pieces I had on EBAY and made a fortune!

    Now I have the village that is pictured in my tour post. It's the Little Town of Bethlehem from Department 56....I love it!!!

  3. What fun - I love your decorations. And I didn't know Target ever had an It's a Wonderful Life village - what a great idea! How could they ever discontinue that??

  4. I love how vintagey everything looks!

  5. Everything is so beautiful! I love all your Christmas touches. You did a great job decorating!

  6. I LOVE your Christmas tree - mine is very similar! Every year I plan to start collecting pieces to a Christmas village and never get around to it. Maybe this year I'll actually start. Loved seeing your decorations. Thanks!

  7. Your house looks charming - I love the stories with everything.

  8. That statue is absolutely gorgeous! Nice decorating!

  9. I really like the memories and how personal your stuff is. I am intrigued by your teaser. Kelly

  10. Pretty stuff...Love all the sentiment attached to it!

  11. I think that your letter e is hiding with my stockings. Maybe they ran away to vaca in Cozumel.

  12. Beautiful! Love the village.

  13. I love your trees! Your house looks so pretty and festive!!

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  15. hey i know you like free things... so i thought you could put this on your blog and help a friend of a friend and get some free toffee
    they are doing a promo right now and sending free toffee to people and its yummy! ok if this is on here like 5 times I am so sorry it was being funny about me posting this....

  16. Love all your traditional Christmas decorations! So neat that your mom wrote on the back of that sled!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful! Took me a second to figure out what IAWL was...okay, more than a second. I can be slow like that.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

    Merry Christmas from She Lives!

  18. I love your decorations~absolutely adorable!
    I hope you'll visit soon, I will have my last giveaway of December this Friday.

  19. Beautiful home. Thank you for the tour.

  20. The sled is my favorite- so charming!


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