Easter 75% at Target...and thank yous

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First of all, thank you so much for all of the great tips for the spray paint bubbling. I think I was spraying way too close and it probably wasn't completely dry yet either. If those plates ever make it up onto my wall it will be a miracle...

Anyway! I ran to Target this morning to grab some more yard sale stickers (I'm joining my friend that is having one this weekend) and do you think that's all I walked out with?

Oh no...

They had just marked all of their Easter stuff 75% off. They had some adorable things that could be used for all year around. Look in the kitchen section too~there was an endcap of Easter stuff they hadn't moved over to the Easter clearance aisle yet. See all the bright green tags? Anything with those on it are considered Easter. I usually wait until 90% off, but I didn't want to risk it not being there, so I loaded up.

Also, I need to say thank you to some lovely ladies that have sent me goodies from giveaways I have won. I am on a roll! I think it would be a very good time to go to Vegas if I was the gambling type..

Junk Mammas sent me an adorable chalkboard with a polka dot ribbon, a flower pin,

a sweet stitched bunny towel, and some adorable magnets:

I also won Nicole's giveaway at Our Cozy Nest and look what I got:

I love them and still marvel at all the sewing skills out there, of which I have none.

So, thank you again ladies~they were so fun to get in the mail! They both have great blogs and Etsy shops, so go pay them a visit.

Off to find more stuff to sell at the yard sale to make up for what I spent this morning... :)


  1. What great finds from Target!! I love that store. And Congrats on winning Nicole & Junk Mamma's Giveaways. I make those same flowers in fact I need to get more in my Etsy store. Have a great day.


  2. Oh I have been eyeballing that cake stand thing. Hmm... maybe I'll have to make a stop, lol.

  3. Wow, those are so cute! I wish my Target were closer, I would hop in the car right now to head over. And Congrats on winning all of those cute things. Maybe I should start entering more blog drawings. I never think I will win but maybe I need to have a better attitude. Love ya!

  4. You lucky girl! I was at Target yesterday when everything was still 50% off and it was really picked over, none of the goodies you were able to score.

  5. wow your Target must be pretty lonely to have so many great things left. I was just there this morning and they had nada. Glad you were able to find some great things- that's always fun!

    And yay for the giveaways- winning is fun isn't it!

  6. My Target was out of Easter stuff before Easter. I may have to swing by another Target though just in case. Great goodies. And congrats on all the winnings. You should go to Vegas (even if you don't gamble).

  7. Are ya kiddin' me?!?! I swear your Texas Target never gets shopped at to find all of those cute things. I will have to call mine. Are you going to tell me you got Cadbury eggs at that 75% off price too? That would put me and my jealousy over the edge if you did!! :)

  8. You have won some great giveaways! I went in Target Tues. and everything was still 50%, so we loaded up on candy.

  9. What fun goodies. I may have to head to Target tomorrow. All the the things you one are cute too. Love the little chalkboard.

  10. What a cute cakestand! I might have to stop by my Target tomorrow!

  11. Oh my! I sure hope our Target has some things left to plunder through in the morning. I have been drooling over that wire cake stand for weeks. I.Want.It.Bad. wish me luck!


  12. ok...cute Easter stuffz...and hello...cute give away stuff. That bag is hecka cute! I am tres jealous!!!

  13. Good for you! I loved these and really wanted to win. I am glad someone like you was the winner! Nicole is a wodnerfully talented lady!!!
    Thanks for the Target tip!

  14. I bought the cake stand (full price) ugh! It is darling though. I have it on my kitchen table with lemons! You will love it! Okay random question, What color of white paint did you use to paint your kitchen cabinets? Is it gloss or satin? It looks just perfect! Your house is beautiful and your blog is so fun!

  15. LOL! I had dreams about your yard sale last night. I hope I can get there. :-)

  16. Lori~you didn't leave an email, but if you're back to read this. It is a semi gloss, custom matched to the rest of the trim in the house, so it really doesn't have a name...sorry. If you're interested in a formula from Behr, let me know...


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