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Well! Was that a fun time or what? My husband always teases me that we can't leave a party without me getting a paint color or a recipe, and boy did I! :) I can't believe all of the beautiful colors y'all had~my list is full to pick up paint swatches and samples and to add to my inspiration notebook. Thank you all for participating~I'm still making my way around to all of your blogs and there are still more people joining, so go see them as well. I'll close Mr. Linky tonight to keep the spammers at bay, so if you have one you still want to post, get it up there. I had such a fun time at the party~thank you!!

I just wanted to send you into your weekend with a few goodies:

If you sign up for Michael's newsletter, they will send you 50% off one regular price item coupon in your email. You can print off more than one, and use one per day until they expire. They may be useful for some projects you want to tackle this weekend!

Also, today is National Donut Day, and you can go into Krispy Kreme and pick one out for free (no purchase or coupon necessary)! You can call yours to be sure they are participating, but I'm pretty sure it's a nationwide event. Free donuts are also calorie free, did you know that? :) We're going to head over with the kids tonight~

Have a great weekend~


  1. Thanks! I signed up for Michael's newsletter a few days ago, but I had no idea that you could print more than one coupon! SCORE! I loved your paint party... I got lots of great ideas.

  2. Maybe we'll see you guys tonight at Krispy Kreme! I love free donut day. :)

  3. I really enjoyed the paint party - so many beautiful colors!

    Thank you for the tip about Michael's - I'll be signing up today. Thanks also for the donut day tip! It's very tempting....

    I have really enjoyed visiting your blog - I'm glad I found it.

  4. I took my 3 year old to KK this morning for a free donut. She was over the moon. ;)

    If I can get my act together, I'll try to link to the paint party tonight. If not, I'll just enjoy the links you already have up. :)

  5. Oooooo...I didn't know about a Michael's newsletter! Off to sign up....

  6. we went to KK this morning and the boys were so excited to get what ever donut they wanted!
    I'm glad I did the party. It was fun and my site meter went bezerk! I had so many visitors to my blog it was insane!

  7. Oh good! 50 percent off at Michaels! Thanks for sharing that!
    I need ONE more frame for my kids photos, just ONE! I'm thinking NOW is the time to go get it!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings, Kathi

  8. What a fun paint party! I had a fun time reading everyones' posts. And a free donut sounds like just the cure for a paint hangover!


  9. Melissa,
    Mr. Linky is acting stinky! Thank you Melissa for throwing such a fabulous paint party. I met many new blog friends as a result of participating and got some great color ideas. However, several people have written me on the side telling me they can no longer access my blog since I linked up to the event! I hate to be a party pooper, but is there is a way can you un-link me? Sorry to be such a bother, but I hope this corrects the problem. Thank you.

  10. Melissa,
    FYI, I wrote Mr. Linky explaining the problem and asked to be removed from your event. If you don't see my blog listed it may already be removed.
    (I am # 26 on your list)

  11. Thanks so much for doing the paint party! I got some fabulous inspiration and found some amazing colors that I love.

    I adore your blog and I have given you an award. If you are interested, you can find it here.

  12. thanks for the paint party... it was a horrible temptation to just sit and blog hop all day! yes. now i REALLY want to repaint EVERYTHING... from my walls to my furniture to my kitchen cabinets. please, stop me... we're moving in a year and i have 7 KIDS home all summer long... no painting... no painting... no painting...

  13. Thanks again for hosting and sharing paint colors and the Michaels' coupon.
    See you again soon

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts on paint colors this week. I've made some notes on paint chips to go pick up. I wanted to click on some of the links in the linky, but the first one I tried had music on their blog and blogs with music players crash my internet connection! I have no idea why it happens, but I've heard of others who have this same problem. I have good connection speed, so that isn't it. I wish I knew of a way to see blogs without having the music problem! Any ideas??? I'm ready to make a bloggy button and start a campaign against music players on blogs!!! I lose everything that I'm in the middle of when I visit one. I would write to the individual bloggers, but I can rarely get their blogs to load to that point...

  15. I just found your paint party!

    I have been painting and redoing our house... and I got so much inspiration from your party.

    I also found some fun blogs!

    I posted and linked to your site... and here is my blog address.

  16. All this paint has inspired me! I'm planning on painting our bedroom this summer and my girls bathroom! Hopefully, I'll get them both finished!

  17. This is the first time I have visited your blog. I really enjoy your posts and all the advise you share. I added you as a favorite.


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