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I began to unpack my autumn decor and forgot about my little excursion to Hobby Lobby when all the fall went 90% off last year.
(For inquiring minds, it was the Friday before Thanksgiving, Nov 20 last year)
There I was, all by myself, 8 months pregnant and I just sat myself down smack in the middle of the aisle to go through the leftovers. Here is what I came back with:

It looks a Hobby Lobby aisle threw up in my garage :) But how can you resist fall foliage for 39 cents?

Add in some ribbon from Walmart's Christmas clearance at the beginning of the year (not sure who decorates for Christmas in orange, but it works now!)

Took the daisies out from my spring/summer tin by the front door and replaced them with some of the leaves:

Added a touch of the ribbon:

And we have the first sign of autmn around here!

Hopefully there will be more,
but my family told me this weekend that the
who- can-find-a-pair-of-not-really-that-dirty-socks-in-the-hamper-before-school-starts
game isn't so much fun anymore.

They said that some moms actually wash the clothes, fold them, and then put them neatly in drawers. there is a creative idea.


  1. Melissa that is TOO cute! And that Christmas ribbon looks JUST LIKE Fall. ;-)

  2. Super cute! I will have to try this. I am a new follower, I love your blog.
    And share in your same Faith.


  3. I have got to get something fall-like up on my front door. Love your tin pocket holder.

    LOL @ your family's laundry comment. My kids are older so the game we play at my house is you-know-how-to-run-the-washer. The problem with that game is they "forget" they are playing and leave their clothes in either the washer or dryer.

  4. I am laughing hysterically at your last comment about the socks because my hubby asked me practically the same thing the other day. I guess this blogging does take some of my valuable time after all!

  5. I love that game...of course we also like the game of "find the not-so-dirty socks in your room, cause you never put them in the dirty hamper" should try it!

  6. HA HA your kiddos are funny. Love your leaves!

  7. I LUV what your kids had to say about MOMS...just too funny! I'm like at the end of the season at a deep discount...year later...oh, I almost forgot about those great bargains I got last year...what a wonderful surprise!


  8. How fun! I always love it when I get surprised by bargains I bought before and forgot about too !! It's like Christmas :))
    Cute what you did with them too

  9. Today, I also found a stash from HL's end of season clearance from last year! Wasn't it a nice surprise? I am working on a wreath with my goodies! Your tin bucket looks great!

  10. Love the fall decor!! I have a black wall pocket with a punch tin design on it. After seeing your transformation, I think I will put some fall color into it and hang it on my front door. I love end of season sales but too often, I forget where I put them, causing a frantic search! LOL

  11. I love Hobby Lobby. I will have to catch that clearance.

    I have a thirteen year old Daughter, Autumn, in Fastpitch Softball and she has ruined all of OUR socks! Yes, she ruined hers and now mine with Georgia Red Clay from the ball fields! I guess our game is Let's-See-How-Many-More-Mornings-I-Can-Infuriate-My-Mom-When-She-Goes-To-The-Gym-In-Stained-Socks-Before-She-Explodes!

    Have a wonderful day! We want more decor, so get the socks washed and come back!

  12. I did that with Christmas decorations a couple of years ago. It was such a treat to find all of these decorations that I had forgotten I bought at 75% off the previous December 26! It looks like you have some beautiful decorations. Have fun!

  13. I love it! It is so much fun finding last years deals that you forgot about! It's Beautiful!

  14. I think you will love the post over at

    titled But I'm Still Waiting For "National Fold Your Own Dang Laundry Day"

    Made me laugh... as I pondered the 13 loads of laundry on my very small laundry room floor.

    Thanks much for always sharing your beautiful ideas!!

  15. thumbs down to laundry! thumbs up to your new fall decor!

    FYI - THANK YOU for the heads up on the camera sale. As of this morning I am the proud new owner of a Nikon D40 for the low low price of $298 + tax. Wooohooo! I can't thank you enough for sharing the info!

  16. What a fun surprise! I love how that ribbon turned out... great job :)!

  17. The sock thing is just toooooo funny. lol I love the little pocket filled with your pretty touches of fall. I am slowly trying to get some done here too. Hugs, Marty

  18. It's beautimous! :) I need to be better about shopping END of the season sales...I'd save so much more that way. :)

  19. Well...I don't know who those moms are, but I bet their houses are BORING, and they don't have cool leaf arrangements hanging on their porches! ;)

  20. Gorgeous ! Love those colors, especially that caramel ribbon. So autumn !


  21. Your arrangement looks so pretty against the brick!
    And it sounds to me like it's time to give some laundry lessons so you're not the only one who knows how to wash socks!

  22. Well, I think you should find whatever mom told your family she does laundry and smack her for you and all of us! :)

    I love your fall leaves!

  23. You crack me up! I have been known to forget about those after the holiday's shopping deals and discover them sometimes after the appropriate holiday is already past. Glad you found yours before fall was past. the leaves look great by the way. thanks for visiting me. Marla @ Seven Palms

  24. that last paragraph is awesome!!!

  25. It is always sooo FUN to open a holiday box and be reminded of last years' end of season clearance!!

    I'm waiting for OCtober 1st and starting my new holiday planner :) AND it's supposed to be record breaking hot here in Suthern CA tomorrow. Im also still cleaning carpets and other warm weather cleaning:)

  26. The wreath looks great! I am going to have to wait until the fall and Halloween decorations is on clearance to score on some great items!

  27. I LOVE it!! too cute!!!

    I need to pull out my fall decor!


  28. It's a myth. I don't think there actually are moms who wash, fold, and put away the laundry.

    Love your blog!

  29. It's looking pretty at your house this Fall!

    Girl, I'm hoping you'll join the beadboard wallpaper party. I'm lonely over there! :)

  30. That's really pretty! I need some more fall stuff, that's just fall, not Halloween. I havent gotten ANYTHING out yet. But now that we're past my son's birthday, I'm ready.

  31. always have the best ideas and oh my the different ways to fix that other bloggers office is unreal...I just would have not thought of all of these...You are gifted with lots of talent!

  32. If the kids are old enough for sarcasm then they are old enough to do their own laundry! Lol! (or maybe it's just time for new socks)


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