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One of the greatest sacrifices of moving from Texas to Virginia? I left my Hobby Lobby behind. A moment of silence for no Hob Lob
{ ………… }
But! There was one in Utah, so you can bet your bottom dollar I went with my list I had been making for months. At the top of the list?
I wanted to replace these plain, tired ones on the doors to the laundry room and pantry:
may 2010 013 1

Yikes! Where is the magic eraser?may 2010 016 1
The knob gods were smiling down on me and they were all half off the day I was there. (if they’re not on sale when you want them to be, wait a couple weeks and they’ll go 50% off. It’s Hob Lob law.)may 2010 034 1
Screw your new one in, and you’re good to go.may 2010 019 1
may 2010 023 1Now, the closet doors downstairs in my daughters’ rooms were not as easy. The doors were to thick and they didn’t just twist in, so we had to improvise. I just put some super glue along the threads and against where the flat part met the door, stuck them in and held them tight for a good minute. So far, so good.may 2010 041 may 2010 047 1
They just give a little ooomph to plain old builder grade closets.
may 2010 052 1
Bonus: your boys can make an eyeball club with the old knobs :)may 2010 036 1
Have you knobbed anything lately?


  1. I don't have Hobby Lobby either, so I was thrilled when they opened up online shopping. I don't think I get the great sales that a brick and mortar store offers, but at least I can participate in the fun of getting some of the things I see everyone else get!

  2. That is so funny! Also, nob (and knob) mean(s) something different in Britian, so this is double funny.

    Doors look great.


  3. Oooh the crystal flowers so sweet for a girls' room! We don't have Hobby Lobby up here, either. I get so jealous of everyone's amazing finds there!

  4. Claire~I just looked it up and WHO KNEW?? Not me, but I am laughing now that I am re-reading my post with a new perspective...

  5. Do men get as excited over simple pleasures like new door knobs? Nah . . . must be a girl thang! Lucky us to be so appreciative of the little things that put the oooomph in life!


  6. i never thought to change out the knobs on the closet doors. mine are plain and blah.... what was i thinking. i have a few knobs i have been drooling over at anthro which would be perfect! thanks melissa!

  7. erin~ yes! Anthropologie has amazing knobs and they are all online under the hardware section. If you only needed to buy 2, it doesn't seem too bad, price wise.

  8. Great idea, and I'm sad to say I never thought to do that! thanks for the inspiration! sue

  9. I had to leave my Hob Lob behind too!! {{hugs}} I may just have to see if I can order them online.

  10. LOVE, love, love thsoe glass flower knobs. I MUST have them for my girlies room! By the way....I have a love affair with HOb Lob.


  11. Hmmm no Hob-Lob here but I just re-knobbed my kitchen let's just say it was a milllion dollar makeover. SO worth the money.

  12. I love HL but sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything in there:) I would NOT like not having one though! I thought that you would have one in Virginia.

  13. I've never been to a hobby lobby, but I just moved to Colorado Springs, and I've seen several about. . . I didn't even realize it was a craft store. I will certainly have to check it out!! :]

  14. I have never been to a hobby Lobby. Sadly we don't have them here in PA. Bloggers make it sound like crafter's heaven. Hmmmm, we are traveling to SC this summer. Wonder if there are stores there??

  15. I'm mourning your loss of Hob Lob...that is very sad. If you ever need anything, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to stop by and pick up whatever you need and send it to you. EAsy peasy!!

  16. I just bought some knobs at Hobby Lobby yesterday for a dresser I'm refinishing. I feel your pain at leaving a HL behind. Very sad indeed...

  17. Beautiful Melissa! Hob Lob has great knobs - your title made me giggle. So cute!

    I discovered that Hobby Lobby has some of the same knobs that Anthro carries - for so much less. Yay!


  18. OOOmph! Yes!
    You are right...if not on sale...just wait for it! Love Hobby Lobby!
    Happy Weekend!

  19. Love those knobs!! I'm going to check them out when the very first Hob Lob opens in my area (South Central PA) this month!!! So excited!! I've got "lovely" brassy gold knobs from my builder!! boring.......

  20. Melissa, we are lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby here in Idaho now! It is two miles from my house. I now see what all the fuss is about and I feel very spoiled! :o)

  21. Girl - I feel the same way! I moved to VA from Louisiana and I pine for Hobby Lobby!!

  22. I'm in Northern VA & so wish that we had a Hobby Lobby here! I'm sure to make a stop when we visit relatives in Indiana.

  23. Great idea! I love it.



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