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First: appliance talk.
Thank you for all of the comments and input on the appliance deal post yesterday. If you are considering appliances in the near future, read the comments! Such great suggestions and input.
I was excited about potentially being able to make over our kitchen for under $1000, but we have decided to get the microwave through this deal and to wait and find a deal from a different brand for the others. Will you alert me if you see a screaming deal on anything else?
We subscribed to Consumer Reports for one month for $5.95. They have always been right on for us when purchasing cars and other large appliances so why didn’t I think of them first?? Thank you for reminding me!!
Here are the brands they say have the LEAST amount of repairs reported:
Dishwashers: Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Kenmore
Ranges: Hotpoint, GE, Whirlpool
Microwaves: Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore
Side by Side Fridge: Whirlpool, Samsung, Kenmore
I know there can be a lemon in any brand, but I think I will feel better about purchasing Whirlpool for the rest.

Okay, enough appliance talk. Here is some autumness in my entryway. I haven’t spent one penny on autumn decorations this year. Just resurrected everything from previous years.
october 2010 004 1
october 2010 005 1
  october 2010 006 1
october 2010 009 1
Happy Thursday~


  1. Truly love the "autumness" in your entryway! I tried to get some of those blackbirds everyone has been blogging about at Dollar Tree, but missed I just adore how they look perched about everyone's autumn vignettes!

  2. ooh, I like your Fall deco!

  3. Very pretty. I love the acorns.

  4. Our builder put a Whirlpool dishwasher, range, and microwave in our house. So far so good.
    We bought a Samsung side-by-side fridge off of craigslist. It was only a couple years old, and had been unused in their garage for almost one of those years. They had purchased the extra 5-yr protection plan, which transferred to us. We had to use it shortly after we plugged it in because a line had cracked from being in their garage over the winter. But other than that, no problems.

  5. Love your twig pumpkins and the acorns. Of course the cloche stole my heart and your picture frames are stunning. Love them. Beautiful fall decor. Hugs, Marty

  6. Your autumn decorations look great! Isn't it fun to be able to decorate without spending any new $$?

    Thank you for the reminder to use cotton bolls in autumn decorating. I think mine are with my Thanksgiving decorations. My grandfather was a sharecropper (my father's father! Not several generations back!), so cotton is a big part of my history. :)

    Good luck with your appliance purchases! Sounds like you got some good advice.

  7. Autumness is my new favorite word!

  8. Were you able to buy the microwave? Because I ordered it, then received notice it was no longer available (even though it's still for sale online) AND they charged my card anyway! I've spent two days on the phone with Best Buy trying to figure this out and will never do business with them again!

  9. How much do you love the pic of your hubby and little ones carving pumpkins?! We have not attempted that as a family, and I think we'll wait one more year, when we'll have a 3 and 1 yr old instead of a 2 yr old and 5 mo old. =) But can't wait to make (and then display) that memory!

  10. Two thumbs up for you for not spending any extra $$ on decor. Unfortunately, our very first Hobby Lobby opened up last week, and I was unable to stay away. ;)

  11. I feel I'm on the right decorating track after looking at your lovely entrance vignette. I have the same pumpkins, acorns, dish, similar photo frames, but, alas, no more blackbirds to be found ANYWHERE. Hopefully, next year and hope they are still in style. Thanks for your inspiring decor.

  12. I have the twig pumpkins from the Dollar Section of Target. I put a little plaid ribbon on mine on the stem.

    Can I just move into your house? I love how it's decorated.

  13. well that is the most beautiful recycled autumn-ness I have ever seen!! I LOVE shopping the house!

  14. Love your autumness! Here in North Florida we don't get much of that. I love those acrons. Ours here are scrawny!

    The Library Lady
    "Take surprise and delight in the little things"

  15. Forgot to those cotton balls. I have a small branch I clipped from a cotton plan in SC (I'm originally from SC) many years ago and just let dry out in my garage. Now I know how I want to display them. Thanks for sharing. I love all of your creative ideas.

    How close are you to getting the whole 50 tags? Let us know. I love that idea.

    The Library Lady
    "Take surprise and delight in the little things".

  16. I'm so happy to see that you left that dresser as it was. I really, really love the finish on it and wish I could find something similar! I think it's nice to have some real wood mixed in with the painted stuff to add some warmth and richness, esp when it has a great patina like that.
    I love the cotton too, I don't think
    I could find that up here in the Northeast!

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