license plates round 8

11 December 2010

We got 2 Tennessee plates!! Karla was so kind to send us this one:
december 2010 069 1 
and Brenda from Chattanooga sent us this onedecember 2010 070 1
oh, and that’s not all. She sent me 5 Chattanooga choo-choo train whistles for my kids. They *love* them and I love them when they blow them down in the basement :) Thank you so much, Brenda!december 2010 074 1

Thank you to another Brenda, our neighbor to the west!december 2010 071 1

Ingrid lives in Texas now, and she was so thoughtful to send us her old Nevada plate: december 2010 072 1

A big thank you to Shannon Adamz, who rescued this North Dakota from under her sink behind the garbage can :)december 2010 073 1

Karen and I share the same unique last name and we have Washington now~wahoo!december 2010 083 1
A big hug to all of you for these plates…we are soooo close! These are the ones we still need…here are the people that said they had them. Only 1 lonely state left! :)
Georgia (jessalyn)
Kentucky (lacey williams)
Louisiana (julie chreste)
Maine  (lori/cliffs backyard)
New Jersey (mallory sharp)
Rhode Island


  1. I have Arkansas and Maryland plates if you need them. email: [email protected]

  2. No Maine yet!?!??!? ok......I need to find you one. send your address to [email protected]

  3. Can you believe you almost have them all?? Can't wait to see the wall when you get them all!

  4. I think I have a Massachusetts plate....I'll check !! Do you have an email that I should respond too ??

    Thanks !~ Kristyn

  5. Living in NH (I sent you a NH plate already) I have friends & family in Maine, Massachusetts and RI. Just posted on facebook that I'm looking for these plates so I hope to have something soon!

  6. Oohhhhhh I'm so excited to find your blog! Your blog, your home & your family are just precious! Can't wait to dig in deeper! :)

  7. Speaking as a Chattanooga girl: awesome little stocking stuffer!


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