silver bells

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I found this bell wreath at Goodwill for 75 cents:
november 2010 001 1
A coat of silver spray paint and a gray ribbon, and she has a new life!
november 2010 057 1
(I thumbtacked the ribbon to the underside of the dresser overhang)

Happy 1st Day of December~rabbit!


  1. What great deals you have to offer. I just got a deal on a puppy...Ho Ho Ho!

  2. "It's Christmas time in the city. . . ." I love your silver bell wreath! You're so clever!!

    Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ready for a great Christmas season!

  3. Love the silver transformation. Clever girl!

  4. Okay, I still want to try that Amazing Grace! But if I tell my husband that I want it for Christmas and go to Ulta to get the free robe, it's not so fun!

  5. Oh, that looks lovely and urban! You changed the look from old school country! :)

  6. Thank you so much for the deals you posted today. Got the Dream Castle and Disney Dolls for my nieces. What a DEAL.

  7. love it. so creative! never would have guessed that they were related. im new to your blog, but ill be sure to stop by again.


  8. Jingle, Jingle. So fun and they looks great after you gave them a little TLC.

  9. That's a great price for the wreath. At the store they are $20. Even with half off it's still $10. It looks great with the spray paint. I love it!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Can I just say I look forward to your deal updates!
    I am bummed that I missed Just Dance by one day & I am normally checking their site daily! Ugh! My son wanted the game, but I can't bring myslef to spend another $40-50 on another Wii game.

  12. girlie-goo, i adore what you did with that wreath...and the price? wowzah~


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