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Colour Me Happy on White Kitchen Cabinets {thank you, Jodetha for the link!!} another great read: the best trim colors.
I hope you have some wonderfully fun, exciting plans for the weekend. Me and the kitchen cabinets have a date down in the storage room…what if I stood them up??


  1. Great inspiration for all these ladies you mentioned. Have a great weekend.

  2. That Color Me Happy link features my favorite kitchen ever (the one from House Beautiful). I could drool over it all day. But bottom line, white is timeless and stylish, all at once. It doesn't help you all of a sudden have more time for painting, though, does it? Good luck with finding the perfect white!

  3. OMG that bathroom is amazing!

  4. I've learned to embrace the oak... but then, mine is newer and doesn't have that obnoxious early 90's look. (sorry to all of you who love the look of the early 90's. More power to ya.) I wish the midwest would just produce houses with white trim and cabinetry, but they don't. Good luck!!

  5. Oh please, oh please don't stand up your cabinets. I can't wait to see your new look. And a great tutorial with wonderful pics! I LOVE the headboard, and Think I may tackle it too. Thank you for all your links and posts. I love your blog!

  6. I love that headboard and just the overall glamorous, retro look of the bedroom, in which theme I plan to redo my own in my new house. Beautiful!


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