bright and bold chair: before and after

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I told you all that we are going bold and bright in my daughter’s room. You remember the $3.99 Goodwill chairs? Here is what we did with 2 of them for her room:
chair collage

Re-covering chairs like this is easy peasy.
1. Remove the screws from the bottom of the chair with a screwdriver or drill.
2. Peel back the top fabric and see 3 decades of fabric underneath
February 2011 039 1
3. Take your new fabric, fold, and staple with a heavy duty staple gun (no one is going to be looking underneath your chairs)
February 2011 043 1{fabric is Amy Butler Trumpet Flowers Pink from}February 2011 046 1
4. Replace screws
march 2011 073 1
Almost forgot~
On painting the chair:
1. wipe it down with liquid sandpaper (found at home improvement stores, walmart, etc)march 2011 116 2. Give it a coat of spray paint primer
3. give it a couple of light coats of spray paint (we used Krylon cherry red)
chair collage
I didn’t know how my neutral, safe self would handle bright and bold,  but I’m kinda liking it…


  1. my gosh...amazing what a little spray paint can do.  holy smokes.  the red is amazing.  there's no way i could ever walk into a room with a bright red chair and be in a bad mood.  haha.  xo.

  2. It turned out great!! I love the details of the chair. So cute!! And the color is fabulous!!


  3. Love. Love. Love. It's perfectly cheery!

  4. I absolutely love your projects..I have 2 questions about the chairs. i currently have a few chairs in my dining room that are from the 40's or 50's.. they are in bad shape..they are currently covered in vinyl or plastic..and there is no cushion so when you sit on them they hurt and are uncomfortable..i think it's just a piece of wood covered with plastic.since i seen what you've done, it looks so easy that i can attempt to do it.i wanted to know if you had any suggestions on how i can make them feel like i am sitting on a cushioned chair..Secondly, how many yards of fabric and what type of fabric do you recommend? Thank you for any advice you may offer..

  5. I love the red, Melissa! So bright and cheerful--and the red paint is just perfect with that fabric. Did you use the fabric for anything else in the room?

    It really is amazing how much difference it can make to re-cover chairs. I'm terrible about it, though--my perfectionistic tendencies come out in full force whenever I do this. Maybe after reading this post I'll get myself together and finish re-covering the chairs at our everyday eating table. We have eight, and I've re-covered six of them. I MEANT to finish up those last two for a party in OCTOBER 2009. I'm serious. They've been sitting here wearing the old upholstery since then! They're at the end of the table, and they rarely get used, but seriously. . . how can I have let them go this long?!?

  6. WOW! What a transformation! I would totally try this!

  7. liquid sander - check! i didn't know of such a product. and the color combo is very feminine and gorgeous. u should like it.

  8. Love it! Its so bright a cheery!

  9. Love it!! Great job : ) That fabric is beautiful!

  10. Its beautiful! I love it! And love the info on the liquid sandpaper!! Awesome!!

  11. What a darling chair! I'm working on a chair right now too. Unfortunately, whoever upholstered the chair decided to throw HUNDREDS of stapels in the upholstery. Wish me luck :) Anyway, I'll be posting about mine soon. Great inspirational photo- love it! :)

  12. This is just precious! Love it! I'd love for you to link up at my new Tuesday Time Out!


  13. Miss Mustard Seed1/16/14, 10:31 PM

    I love the shape of that chair and how you updated it with a cheery paint and fabric. It looks so good, now!

  14. I love it! Definitely inspiring, and I appreciate the tutorial:)

  15. Anita @ Goingalittlecoastal1/16/14, 10:31 PM

    The red looks great. Those chairs have such a great shape. The fabric really updates it too.

  16. We're moving to a new house close to lots of antique/thrift shops. This is the perfect chair for our room! Can't wait to try it myself.

  17. I love it so much! The color is FAB and so is the fabric. I need to do this exact thing with some dining chairs that are very similar to this chair. I actually grabbed them for free out of a neighbor's trash. hehe They are in great shape. I can't believe they threw them away!


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