sweet gum wreath

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This fall, we were up at the park and we saw all of these cute prickly balls hanging from the trees and all over the ground. I had no idea what they were called, but I thought they might be fabulous in a wreath. So…we gathered.october 2011 178
Here’s what they look like after sitting in the storage room for over a month:december 2011 033 1
after a short time googling prickly tree balls, I found out they are from sweet gum trees and are called sweet gum fruit.  AND Martha already thought of making them into a wreath.
Martha, Martha, Martha.

Just when you think you have a great idea, you find out she thought of it years ago. *sigh*
We’re not going to let that stop us! We’ve got an hour~let’s go.
december 2011 025 1
Grab an old wreath, (or make a cheap one!)december 2011 023 1
and just start hot-gluing them.december 2011 029 1
december 2011 042 1
Oh, we are so good…still have 15 minutes to spare!
december 2011 041 1
Run it out to the garage and give it a quick dusting of white spray paint. While it’s drying, fold a piece of fabric over (wrong side out), run a strip of hot glue, let dry, then run it through a flat iron for a quick ribbon. Psssh, who needs irons?
december 2011 048 1
I pinned it to the back of my chalkboard,december 2011 051 1
and there we go!
december 2011 057 1
december 2011 067 1
We made it for under $10, under 1 Hour. Yesssss.

Also on the table:
this was a little scene we created with some trees from the dollar store, epsom salt, mini pinecones from our tree outside, and a moose from the plastic animals downstairs. How long do you bet before a snarling lion, a hungry wolf, and some lego guys join the moose from downstairs??
december 2011 092 1
december 2011 085 1
december 2011 097 1
Cost breakdown:
sweet gum fruit: free!
grapevine wreath: free, leftover from another project
fabric “ribbon”: from my fabric scraps, free
trees from dollar tree: $4 (2 in each pack)
epsom salt: $1 at the dollar store
Everything else was from previous years.
I’m joining Kate’s craft party today! Tons of crafty, holiday inspiration over there~
Happy Monday.

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  1. melissa*320 sycamore1/7/14, 10:55 PM

    so generous of you..thank you, Vickie!!


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