courage for the week 11.4.12

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kindess begins with me


  1. Sherrykelaidis1/18/14, 9:34 AM

    A lot of wisdom in just a few words.

  2. "I want to be kind to everyone one for that is right you I say to myself remember this....Kindness begins with me." a song I learned at church...thanks for the reminder.
    Happy Day

  3. Tasha Brooks1/18/14, 9:34 AM

    Great reminder. Definitely worth keeping in mind!

  4. Yep.  That's what I say to myself.  :)

  5. Thanks - I needed to see this today!  It's been so hectic I stopped to take a breath and calm my mind when I saw your courage for the week.  I look forward to seeing your quotes every week.  I even pinned this one!


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