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There is something about white curtains in a master that I am drawn to…Clean bedroom #bedroom #roominspirationVelvet Magazine

Gray with white curtainsHomeAwa
If you remember on Instagram, my sister-in-law and I found some “holiday” tablecloths on crazy clearance and I was thinking of using them in here – as you can see I have 2 choices pinned up.white or patterned curtains
I still love the pattern, but for a master bedroom I am still drawn to serene, clean, calm looks. I’m leaning towards the Ikea whites…what about you?
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  1. We just put up white curtains in ours. It is nice and calming!

  2. I'm a white curtain girl myself!

  3. I like white but I yearn to go outside my normal pallette.

  4. I have the Ikea white linen curtains, and I highly recommend them. I spent more on the rods, hooks and rings than the curtains.

  5. I like the white too, but the pattern ones do bring just that, a bit of pattern and add visual texture which i do like


  6. The pattern is lovely. It breaks up the solid colors and adds interest that is pleasing to the eye.

    Maybe white in the spring/summer (lots of color outdoors) and the pattern during the fall/winter (when everything outdoor is so bland).

  7. We have white linen curtains in our master, although I'm drawn to the ones on the left! They're beautiful & even pick up off the chairs & color! :) Good Luck & rooting for the ones on the left! ;)


  8. Don't think you can go wrong, Melissa! I'd say that if your paint color were darker white would be better, but with your paint color the subtle pattern in the tablecloth fabric looks lovely! It also goes great with those chairs, which is a nice bonus. :)

  9. I have those exact tablecloths as curtains in my master. My room is awaiting a paint job. It's currently a goldish mustard color (like that when we moved in) and the curtains tied that color along with my white bedding together.
    I like how it sort of has a mixed metal feel too, could go with silver or gold accents :) so funny, I was at ikea the other day and almost bought the white ones but decided to wait until after painting to see if I still liked the other ones :)

  10. Congratulations on your mention on!

  11. The one with the pattern.

  12. I love white drapes as well. We have them in our bedroom and family room and they give off a light and airy serene feel. They are actually $5 flat sheets from Walmart but you would never know! I definitely vote for the IKEA whites.


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