Spooky halloween front porch

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Hello! Here is our porch decked out for Halloween. This is where all the fun, spooky stuff goes :) Most of it is a collection of past years’ finds. The chalkboard is my rough version of a cute sign I saw at Target I took a picture of. The bats are still my favorite -- easiest and cheapest decoration ever!

halloween decor entry

halloween entry table

halloween porch decor

halloween front porch

The phone is a favorite addition this year. It’s from Target and rings when you’re close by and has spooky phrases and sounds. The neighbor kids love running up close to it and then running away screaming. :)

spooky table halloween decor

Here is the front porch from the front of the house -- the sweet potato vines went crazy (I’ve cut them back 3 times already!) and the $5 baskets of flowers filled in nicely. The boxwoods are growing slowly but the front of the house doesn’t get much sun. But we have grass! And a spooky porch :)

flowers sweet potato vine front of house

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