10 March 2008

Gain Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango! I am a die hard Tide and April Fresh Downy girl, and am pretty particular about what my home and laundry smell like, but I got some of this at CVS when they were clearancing out the old bottle, and holy cow, I am hooked! It is so yummy and fresh! My husband asked me what the smell was in January when I switched~he loved it too. So now I have the detergent and the softener and am loving it. Just had to is a perfect spring scent. Anything that can help me get through my laundry day ...

Mostly, I'm procrastinating finishing the kitchen... we're doing the tile backsplash this week, but the tile cutter scares me~I hate the sound of it. This is not good if we're planning on finishing this week. I really need to go to bed. Maybe it won't sound so bad during the day. :)


  1. I guess the detergent's slogan really does fit the product right?? JOYFUL EXPRESSIONS! I'll have to try that! I love the smell of clean laundry! Here at our condos, whenever one of our neighbors is doing laundry, I can always smell it as I'm walking up to my door! And sometimes when I do my laundry, I'll tell Heber to go outside and see if he can smell our laundry! :P

  2. I might have to try that yummy smelling laundry stuff. I LOVE good smelling stuff like that!

    Also...the sound of the tile saw freaks me out too!!! Can't wait to see your bout some "during" pics??? I am dying to see your kitchen!!!

    Oh, and I didn't tell you, Randy was in Houston all week last week at a class. He got to spend some time with his folks as they are serving their mission there! I was tempted to come along...then ditch him and come and visit you! I know it is a ways...but would have been worth it!!!

    Miss you!!!

  3. I'm going to CVS. You've convinced me. I'm scared of tile cutters, too! I chickened out and made Cory do it! You are a woman!


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