kitchen before...

17 March 2008

Okay, here are the beautiful before pictures. A brief history: this house was listed the weekend we came to Texas to find a house. The description said:
"this home needs everything--original owner and now deceased, has never had one update. Good bones, but dated deluxe. Now after saying that, seller will allow $15,000 to update; good street!!"
We laughed because we thought for sure it was just going to be full of smoke, pets, etc., and called it the "good bones" house and it was the last one we put on our list to look at. We walked in and I just knew this was our home~the bones were good and it was fun just had to think of possibilities, especially when we were given the cash to do it. So, the majority of our allowance has gone to the flooring, appliances, some windows, landscaping, and countertops throughout the home.

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