Kitchen During...

18 March 2008

Spencer doesn't know what to think of my texture job...

Sanding, priming, painting the blasted FAVORITE thing

We never even knew what tile "nippers" were 2 weeks ago...
my friend Samantha~we both wanted to redo our backsplashes, and neither of us had tiled before, so we decided to figure it out together. Fun late night party tmes with the tile saw!


  1. I bet that was hard work re-doing your kitchen!

  2. I am so impressed with all the hard work and the new things you learned doing this major project. It looks beautiful. You should be so proud. Thanks for your blog. It is so fun to be able to keep track of you guys.

  3. Looks like a TON of hard work. Way to go! It's gorgeous!! It always means more when you did it with your own two hands, huh?


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