Kitchen After!

18 March 2008

There are still things to finish: finish attaching baseboards, seal the grout, put polyuerathane on the cabinets, touch up, etc., etc. but you get the idea!! We began in October, but as you know have had a few detours, so it has been a very LONG process. Sorry for the picture overload, but just imagine that you stopped by to see us and since this is exactly how my kitchen always
looks(!), here ya go!

My husband installed the floor and I mopped it especially for y'all! If I could take back one appliance purchase, it would be my dishwasher. It is not a tall tub and I can barely fit any pots or pans on the bottom rack~so if you're in the market for a dishwasher, make sure it has a tall tub.

This is where I enter the blogging world! I just know there is a cute chair lurking at a yard sale somewhere this summer that will fit perfectly here...
my little Pottery Barn corner: my wanna be homemade Pottery Barn chalkboard $8, my Pottery Barn picture shelves from a yard sale: $6 each, and my $29 Pottery Barn curtains from where else? Ebay!

this is the only time you will see my fridge with no fingerprints and no water marks! I had to document it :)

desk~the plant is REAL~any bets on how long it will last? I haven't had the best luck with keeping plants alive...

tile backsplash!

And some of the details...
bowl of green apples (yeah, they are fake)

I painted it black! I was SO scared to do it, and debated and went back and forth, but I love it. I don't freak out (as much!) when the kids are sitting there kicking it.
above the fridge...
above the cooktop...I found the tiles clearanced for .99 each! I love them. Those silver medallion things were $6 each, and the border was the most expensive thing~7 bucks a pop. Ouch...

my $7.48 roman shades from clearance at Target~wahoo!
..and a final note:

Thanks for coming to our kitchen!


  1. Beautiful kitchen! Since we homemakers spend the bulk of our day here, it is important to love the room. Also, the kitchen sells the house, if you ask me, for future real estate ventures. love your style. Is the floor Pergo laminate or real hard wood?

  2. WOW!!! Girl!!! You have out done yourself! I LOVE IT!!! You never cease to amaze me! You had done such a great job!!! I want to see it in real life!!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the house!!!

    GIRLFRIEND!!!! You so rock!!! And I love your friend...and I haven't even met her!!!!


  3. Oh Melissa, I'm so glad that you invited us into your kitchen! It's absolutely beautiful. You and Hyrum did a fabulous job and now it feels like I've been there...

  4. INCREDIBLE!!! I am SOOO impressed. Please tell me the next time you are avaliable for hire! Amazing. I love your blog title as well. You are my hero!

  5. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR kitchen looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I Love home renovations!!! I love to see the amazing outcome! You did an AWESOME JOB! There are things I'd still like to do to our kitchen, but we'll post pictures of it anyway! I bet you are in "Kitchen Heaven" right now"!

  6. Looks amazing! You never cease to amaze me Melissa! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  7. It looks great guys! I love it! Looks so homey!
    Good Job!!!

  8. Your kitchen looks great! You are so good at remodeling. I think it is fun that we have the same granite countertops and painted black island in our kitchen. We must both have good taste. You have real talent, I wish you could decorate my house.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words! You've made my day :)

    Annalee~the floor is Metroflor Konecto Prestige in traditional color. It was perfect for this kitchen and entry because it's flexible (the original floor was pretty uneven), pretty easy to install,and waterproof. It's a cross between hardwood, Pergo, and vinyl. We have really been pleased with it.

  10. So beautiful. The Smith talents continue to amaze us. Very impressed. I know who to call when we need home improvements done (since Phil practically REFUSES to touch a screwdriver). ;)

  11. Dang Melissa! That looks so good! Oh I can't wait til I have a kitchen like that- I only hope it looks half that good. I might have to fly you out to help me=)

  12. Nice job you guys on redecorating your kitchen it looks great, Im impressed. Anyways i have the same fridge and dont you love it, that was the main reason i got it, so there would be no finger prints. Minerts

  13. I wish I had half your talent in the decorating area. Your kitchen looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for taking the time to show all of us out here!

  14. What a complete transformation! I know these are old posts, but I just found your blog recently. I'm really enjoying snooping around and seeing all the talent and time put into your home renovation! Hope you don't mind my numerous comments!

  15. dimpz1230@yahoo.com1/12/11, 2:33 PM

    on your computer desk... where did you keep the "computer" you know the cpu or whatever you call it? love your blog btw! thanks for the inspirations.


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