Main Bathroom During...

08 June 2008

good-bye nasty glass shower doors...but the tile is in! hooray!

My husband takes care of the ugly brown banister things for good and you can see all of my paint trials on the walls...

I am officially a paint spaz. Number of trial cans I went through before I found the "right" color of blue-green:

Hopefully I'll have the after pics tomorrow~I'm not promising anything these days. We just have to finish baseboards and a few strips of tile. Yay!


  1. About the paint...I hope you did all the work for me too!! Can't wait!

  2. Holy Valspar!!!!

  3. I'm still trying to figure out why you wanted to get rid of the lovely flowered wallpaper!! I can't wait to see the after pics. Tell Lauren Happy Birthday. I can't believe you have an 8 year old!

  4. Wow! If you have an 8 year old, that means mine is almost there, too! You guys are amazing with this house! Keep up the great work!

  5. OMG!!! I have FOUR of those for my OWN problematic decision-making on just the RIGHT SHADE of Blue/Green to go in my own here is the answer to "what now?". Mix ALL the cans into ONE larger container, and then paint "stuff" with that color for a nice "blending" with your new it a cornice board, picture frame, etc!!! Somehow, it always WORKS!!! I have done this for years and have always gotten so many compliments on the "accessories", much to my delight when figuring the TOTAL amount of time it took to just GET the room DONE in the first place!

  6. I'm getting inspired by your site. I just LOVE it! We are getting ready to move and I have a bathroom similar to this one with the banisters and I was trying to figure out what to do them. My problem is, I'm not sure if I can cut them out because the wall comes down from the ceiling there. Does yours, I can't quite tell by your picture? If so, did you leave it or do something with it?

    Also, does your beadboard wallpaper seem to be holdling up?

    Thanks for any input.


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