Main Bathroom Before...

08 June 2008

Here it is in all it's glory~this was taken after we put the replacement sink in, so you can't appreciate the full effect of the previous lovely gold scalloped sink. I especially like the Liquid Drano in the windowsill when we moved in. Lovely.


  1. Woa! And I thought I had the ugliest bathroom growing up--this beats it by a mile!!:) I can't wait for the "BIG REVEAL" tomorrow!!

  2. yep, definitely the ugliest bathroom I've seen too! :P heehee!! I can't wait to see how the make over looks!

  3. Hi! I linked here from your post at The Nesting Place. We have A LOT in common. lol. I knew as soon as I read your husband's name. And don't freak out because I am not stalking you, but we are currently remodeling our bathroom, and its going to look very very much like yours when its done! I'm excited because its going to be so pretty if it looks like yours. I will admit, your before pic is uglier than mine. ;) Now I'm going to try and find the curtain pics you were posting about at Nester's site.


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