The after party...

23 August 2008

Wow! That was quite a party Nester threw last week! I don't think I ever made it through all of them, but I was completely inspired, found lots of fun new blogs, and wanted to share some mis-treatments I am putting in my "file" of home ideas. Does anyone else keep a file like this that they just put ideas in for future reference?

I put links to all of them, and I hope these ladies are okay with me sharing them on my blog. If not, let me know and I'll take them down pronto!

Look at this cute one in a laundry room with the animal print:

Stacey re-did her daughter's room and I loved the green with the ric-rac along the bottom:
I love these striped ones on the hooks with the ties from Connie at Laughter by Lakeside
Perfect denim playroom treatments with the vintage firetruck pattern on the bottom from Stephanie
Love, love the ragamuffin along the top of the bar from Nicole at Our Cozy Nest:
What a great idea to use old jewelry and ribbon to mistreat a lamp? From Bella's Momma:
Look at these adorable pillows from Carrie:

Thanks for all of the inspiration!


  1. I read your last few posts. Congrats on your pregnancy! That's so exciting. You are such a great mom, I know you'll be amazing with 5 little ones!

  2. HOW COOL ARE YOU!!! Thank you so much for mentioning me!! It made my day!!!




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