ode to the little cup

24 September 2008

I believe the correct term is ramekin, but we prefer "the little cups" in this house. These are the best little gems...we use them for everything! When you just want a smidgen of something, these are perfect. I feel so much better about ice cream when I eat it out of one of these. We use them for watercolor painting. When we have peaches, applesauce, or jello with dinner, they keep everything from mixing together. Who likes applesauce running into chicken nuggets?? yuck. Okay, my one and a half year old does. But the rest of my kids will make horrid faces and do that uu-uh-uu-uh-uh and rock back and forth and push the plate away if this happens. Please tell me this happens in other households. Thank you, little cup for saving us from these episodes. I know there are great recipes that you can bake in these also. Can't say that I have tried any, but I know there are some out there~like creme brulee?? They are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. The best part?

* $1 for two of them at Target in the Dollar Spot *

How can you beat that? Buy what you think you'll need and then by at least 2 more packs in case you break a few. The ones above are my red ones from last year, but they have them back in white this year. They go with everything. Look how similar they look to some from a store that rhymes with Billiams Bonoma, except the ones from that store are $22 for 4: Who says a dollar can't buy happiness? Go! Right now. To Target. Your little cups are waiting.


  1. These are going on my shopping list, NOW!

  2. I LOVE those little cups too! They are soo fun!!! I use mine all the time too!!!

  3. What a great bargain!! I might have to go check them out this afternoon! Thanks for the tip!

  4. I need those!! how cute and fun :)


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