saturday morning treasures...

27 September 2008

I've had some good luck at yard sales the past few weekends! Here are some finds~do you see potential in these or just junk??

{fashion & housewares}
boots: $1
shoes: $1
estee lauder pleasures perfume: 25 cents
necklace: 25 cents
basket: she just threw it in for me to carry the stuff in!
grapevine ball: 50 cents

lamp: $3
cream throw pillows: 2 for $1
brown throw pillow: $2
ugly ivy on grapevine wreath on sweet wreath holder: 25 cents for all!

glass jars: $1 for all
little green shelf: 25 cents
grapevine ball: wait! that was in first pic! 50 cents
ugly ivy topiary: $1
thick picture frames: 2 for $1
chenille pillow: 25 cents

{garden & outdoors}
two urns: $2 for both

oh, I was soooo excited about this one. It's one of those huge Tupperware bowls that my mom uses to make big batches of caramel corn, salads, etc. I've always wanted one. It's like brand new and the lady said, oh, how about 25 cents? It took everything in me to contain my excitement, hand her the quarter, walk to my car and then scream with delight!

A bike for my little 4 year old boy for Christmas: $4 (I can't post a pic because I don't want him to see it)

Melissa, how are you going to pay for all of this? Isn't your husband in grad school and you're supposed to be all poor?

Yes. BUT, I found these 3 ornaments at one of the sales from the 1970's in their box. Just sold on Ebay for $18, $15, and $5.

Total spent at the sales: $19.50
Total made (after fees) on Ebay: approx. $32
Money left over to spend next week: $12.50

It's just a way I justify my little shopping habit.
I'll show you my plans with some of these later. Have a great weekend!


  1. you make garage sale shopping look like a high, upscale event!! (BTW - I love garage sales too :)
    can't wait to see what awesome ideas you use these on! and how cool that you *made* money on it all :)
    you rock girlie!

  2. Love all your bargains! Aren't yard sales terrific? I have one of those Tupperware containers, too. It's really a cake container, but I use it for lots of other things, too. What a deal!

  3. You made some great deals!!! WE had a garage sale yesterday and sold a bunch of stuff we got on Freecycle. Then I could go buy new towels!!!!

  4. Wow, you are like the garage sale queen. And then to turn it around and make money, impressive! I'm so glad you made a comment, I couldn't remember your blog name and I've been looking around in my old comments trying to find it. Love your Halloween decorations!

  5. You are my idol! I love going to yard sales but NEVER get that lucky. Keep the inspiration coming. (You wouldn't believe how many of my friends check out your blog.)

  6. sounds like a self perpetuating hobby to me! You are a rock star!!! As usual!!!

    PS....did you take those pics with your new camera???? Dying to know if you LOVE it yet!!!

  7. Lurker here but had to comment on your great finds!!! I can't believe the deals you got!! Where I live, people expect full price for things they sell - I'm so jealous of places where you can actually get a deal! And way to fund your finds too! It's like free money!

    Oh - went to my Target hoping that I would find those little white cups - $3.00 for 6! Now that was a deal for me! Thanks for the tip!

  8. way to go Melissa! Those are some great finds! I haven't been to a garage sale in a while! I need to go and see if I can find some treasures myself. Oh and ebay is GREAT! But a lot of work too. :)

  9. these are GREAT GREAT GREAT finds!!!!

  10. Even if you hadn't sold items on Ebay, all that you bought was well worth every penny you spent! What great deals!

  11. Lynette~ no! I'm still scared of it. My goal is to have it figured all out by Christmas morning so I can really use it when I open it :)

    Anony~thanks for the comment and letting me know it's really a cake container. That makes me love it even more~multi-functional! :)

    Julie~ Yay for your new towels. If I had $100 to blow, I would go buy all new Thomas O'Brien towels from Target. They are so soft and fluffy.

    Kris ~ I'm so glad you found the cups. Do you love them??

    All~you come on down to visit and I'll take you yard-saling and let you take everything good!! Lol

  12. Wow! I'm gonna have to go yard sale-ing in your neighborhood! I just can't seem to find good stuff like that! Great haul!

  13. I'm Kristine Anderson's nephew's wife- haha confusing. Anyways, I can't believe you made money on yard sales! That is amazing. Someday in the next couple years we'll be leaving Utah county for dental school and I can't wait to find deals like this. Thanks for inspiring me to be more thrifty! I love your site!


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