We have a winner! ...and a runner up!

13 October 2008

It was so much fun going through your 122 comments and visiting your blogs. I was crossing my fingers to get 50 entries, so when we went over 100, I knew I had to throw in another little prize. I wish we could all meet in person at Sonic for happy hour. Okay, here goes:

We were very scientific with our drawing~
I copied and pasted all of the comments into a Word Document and printed them off onto my lovely mauve paper I didn't know quite what to use for.

Then I went back and printed all the people who hadn't ever been to Sonic or had mentioned the giveaway on their blog so they could have another entry.
We emptied out a toy bucket...
Folded all of the comments up and put them inside,

And then my very un-biased assistant closed his eyes and drew the winner...

Drumroll please..........

The winner is Sara!! She is a friend and neighbor from Idaho and has a beautiful new home to decorate~congratulations, Sara! I know you have a Sonic near to use your card for your favorite lime slushes too...
I decided to give away a bundle of the Sharpies from the deal last week to the runner up:
The next winner is Kristi! I don't know Kristi in person, but she is instantly a friend because she loves Sonic coconut cream pie shakes and she posted the most touching video of Jimmy Stewart talking about his dog on her blog. Thanks for making me cry, Kristi! If you could both send me your addresses, I will get your prizes off ASAP.
Thanks so much for a fun giveaway, everyone! I had a good weekend~didn't touch the bathroom, but had some luck at yard sales. I actually took my camera with me, which was an experience. I'll take you on that adventure tomorrow! I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start....


  1. Oh Man! I thought you were drawing for each prize individually, so I had high hopes...Lucky ladies! What adorable assitants! Kiss them for me would you?

  2. Okay, I have to admit, I shouted out YAY, when I saw my name. Thanks Logan for pulling me out of the basket! :o) And thanks Melissa for having such a great site with so many fantastic ideas!

  3. Wow, I never win anything- thank you so much! Yummy sharpees!!!! What a fun surprise!

  4. That was so fun, Melissa! Thanks for your efforts :)

  5. What a fun drawing...even though I didn't win! Now that the drawing is over, will you tell us all where you found the darling little small white pumpkins in the frame? They are too cute! Thanks for such a great and inspiring blog!

  6. Congrats to Sara and Kristi! Thank you Melissa for such a great blog I love to read it and check out the ideas. You are so talented.
    ~Heather in Georgia

  7. I agree - thanks for the fun drawing Melissa :) Congrats to the lucky ladies! What a great way to start decorating a new home!!

  8. I had to go to Office Depot twice to get the sale, but I DID find them, thanks to you. They will go in my daughter-in-law's stocking, since she's a teacher.
    And you have such cute little assistants!

  9. Busy bee~the frame was from the Dollar Tree, and the little white pumpkins were from Target last year~they were just boxes of autumn fillers on clearance~I just picked out the pumpkins and just sprayed them with the infamous wal-mart cream spray paint. HTH!


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