christmas touches in the kitchen

08 December 2008

Do you remember the glass jar I got at a yard sale over the summer?
and the silver balls?

I just spray painted the top a yummy red and put the glass balls inside. I also painted the lid of another glass jar with the same red and filled her with apples. So, what red did I use? My favorite red I have ever found in a spray paint. It is Rustoleum American Accents in Colonial Red satin. I have used it for my kitchen barstools, and lots of other projects, especially around Christmas. It's a perfect cross between a cherry and brick red.
The cinnamon sticks are from the dollar tree as well~and those in the jar are just one pack. Perfect for filling glass jars and can't beat $1.

Then, back at the dollar tree, I found these big, fat peppermint sticks for 2 for $1.

They were perfect to fill my big glass jar with. I bought 10=$5. And had to tell my kids they're not real so they won't touch them. Bad mom, but so far it's worked.

And the "canisters"? They are also from the dollar tree~they were just paper maiche gift boxes that I was going to use for preschool, but didn't end up needing them. So, I just took the colonial red to them again, added some leftover knobs to the tops, and little scrapbook labels that say cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. That's not what is in them, but I thought it looked cute and festive and makes me look culinary or something. :) The little green sparkle balls on the plate are also from the dollar tree~they come 5 or 6 in a tube for what else? $1

My little kitchen corner is ready for Christmas...

So, the total for my little kitchen touches for Christmas is :
Glass jars from yard sales: $1.75
cinnamon sticks: $1
glass balls from a yard sale: $1
big peppermint sticks: $5
little canisters: $3
green balls: $1
Total: $12.75
Blast! I didn't come in under 10. And, the spray paint is just leftover, so I didn't count that. Oh well, it was worth the over budgetness. :) I should start a category that says, "almost $10 and almost an hour for those that don't quite make the cut.
Oh, and speaking of paper maiche boxes, you've got to check out what my blog friend Carrie did for her advent calendar. It is amazingly cute:

I absolutely loved it, but I am so done with projects this month. I will stash it in my idea notebook though. Happy Monday!


  1. Wow, $12? I sure doesn't look like you spent that little. I love it!

  2. Okay, that is it, I am going to the Dollar Tree tomorrow. I need to put on my Melissa Eyes while I shop! I have done a few things like the balls, but I HAVE to have those candy canes!! Thanks!

  3. Melissa! sooooo cute!!!!!
    your place always looks so beautifully decorated! LOVED the peppermint sticks -- they look awesome!
    thanks for the ideas!

  4. I was just at the dollar store this morning - I didn't see no purty peppermint sticks! Snap...I'm gonna have to go back now! I'm doing a christmas table for a church party and those would be perfect to tuck into the folded napkins. I'm glad your kiddos are so gullible. My kids would STILL try to take a bite even if I told them they weren't real (as evidenced by all my "faux" apples and pears with teeth marks in them).

  5. AAaaaa!!! Everything you showed us is SO SO cute! Thanks for the tip about the giant peppermint sticks...such a clever display.

  6. Love the peppermint sticks and the jars!! My dollar stores never have all the goodies everyone else finds!!

  7. How cute are your jars! I love things like that to fill up! I love the advent calendar too. How creative!

  8. Love it! The Dollar Tree is my new best friend for decorating. I'm so going to copy your peppermint sticks :)

  9. Ok, girl. You so have the magic touch. I love it all, but those peppermint sticks--Wow. Dollar Tree might start charging more for them after we all charge in there to buy them.

  10. You are too cute! Thanks for linking up to me! I have had some more people commenting on my calendar and I didn't know where they were coming from! :) I love that you gave me a little shout out. Oh, and those jars with the red lids? So great!!

  11. Very cute stuff! Love the fact that you "made" canisters out of papier mache boxes...very clever!

  12. LOL at your culinary self! I love the little "canisters". What an ingenious idea.

    The whole corner just looks darling.

  13. Thanks for sharing your cute ideas! I would have never thought of doing what you've done with it all...I'm not that creative! So thanks again for sharing your "creativeness"

  14. I love the jars with the red tops and your Christmas corner in your kitchen looks adorable! Love the big candy canes!

  15. I'm loving all of the Christmas crafting and decorating that you've been doing (along with the spray painting)!!!! Everything looks sooooo cute! And you know how much I love dollar store decor!

  16. How cute! What a great deal!

    I love the Dollar Tree!

  17. Wow! You did an awesome job. All I can say is that you must have a nicer Dollar Tree than I do. I never find those kind of goodies. Cinnamon sticks?

  18. Your christmas decorations are adorable. You've made me want to do a little more. The advent calender is adorable, my kids would love something like that, maybe next year. Have I told you how much I love that ladder back chair?

  19. What great ideas! I love the big peppermint sticks. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing!!

  20. This is some serious eye candy. I just put some mini-peppermint sticks in a small jar today. They really do look so pretty. I think I'll add a ribbon now though.

  21. you have such wonderful ideas!!
    i hope you don't mind if i add you to my blog roll.
    i could keep reading and reading all your ideas!! :)

  22. Very cute! I love the red. cherry

  23. I love them, and the red just makes them pop. It's great and so cheap!

  24. Hey girl...your garland looks FAB!!! And I love all your lil jars! I am soo going to have a little nook like that in my house when we get it built!!! Love it!!!

    And...I am going to copy cat that advent calendar. Have been wanting one FOREVER but haven't fallen in love with one yet! Till now!!! You are awesome!!!

    Love ya!!!


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