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16 February 2009

First of all, thanks for all of the comments on my sugar cookie mishap. Who needs a therapist when you've got understanding blogging friends who've all been there, done that? Thank you.

I had a great little trip to Target this weekend~they had their "2009 home" line (used to be Global Bazaar) for 75% off, and a lot of their bedding, linens, shower curtains, etc. were also 75% off, so be sure to take a look if you head out. I had some gift cards burning holes in my pockets that I went to town with.
Here is something everyone should have at your store, since they just put them out~these sweet bird statues back in the garden department. They are only $4.99 and just add a perfect touch of spring where you need it. I love the simpleness of them, yet they are good size and heavy. This should be the price everywhere, since it is advertised on the Target website as well. The chunky blue-gray frame was on clearance for $3.24 at my store.

I'm ready to break out spring decor~anyone else??

I'll show you some more of my finds tomorrow~we're having a regular old Monday since neither my kids or husband have today off. What's up with not honoring George and Abe for Presidents Day?

Happy Monday!


  1. Good morning! We have a regular Monday as well. :(

    I hit Target's Valentine's clearance yesterday and picked up a few things for next year (plus some Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M's for this year).

    Love the bird statue! I wish I could have found one of those babies.

  2. Hi Melissa~
    Found at a few other sites this morning and just had to visit your way. I am ITCHING to go to Target! My boys are off all this week, so we may have to go tomorrow and spend lots of time checking out all the great clearance finds. I'll be hunting for those Pants hangers too!

    Love your bargain finds!

  3. I got 2 sets of King sheet sets for $12.50 that was a steal! Cute bird!

  4. thanks for the head's up. i'm going out that way now!

  5. I don't have off today. But I sure wish I did!

    Cute little bird!

  6. Today isn't a holiday for me either, although I took it off as vacation since my daughter was out of school and had to get my car repaired. Spent TOO much time on the computer, but did get my taxes done. Love the birdie! Can't wait to see the other items. I LOVE Target and clearanced items.

  7. Darn!I was heading to Salt Lake tomorrow, and was looking forward to stopping at Target. NOW...the word is we have a storm warning. My car does not appreciate snow. The canyon will be ugly. Staying home. But so glad you were able to pick up some great things.
    Have a great day.

  8. What a cute little bird! I was at Target this week checking out the 75% off Global Bazaar stuff too! I didn't see the bird at mine though. I love birds!


  9. I just love your blog! I popped over from Nester's over the weekend. You're now one of my faves! Love the money saving & decorating ideas! :)


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