sugar cookies? I can soooooo do that!

13 February 2009

I was walking past these cookies this week at the grocery store, remembering I had signed up to send cookies to my oldest daughter's class Valentine party today.
photo by jencu

I almost picked them up to put in my cart, and then I thought, no, it's tradition to make sugar cookies for Valentines. It will be a fun time with the kids, it will make an awesome blog post, especially for Julia's Hooked on Valentines friday party. Beautiful cookies, a few pictures of the kids delightfully helping, can't wait!

Besides, I saw the most beautiful sugar cookies ever on Our Best Bites that I wanted to make.
So, I wait until 4:00 yesterday afternoon so everyone could help. We start mixing, realize we're out of vanilla, send my little boy next door to get some, the phone rings, baby is crying, change his diaper, little one comes back with only a few drops of vanilla after he dropped most of it on the way home, and then decides he wants to go back over to the neighbor's to play, my daughter wants to go with him,
"Wait!! Don't you want to make cookies together?? We're having FUN!"

Screen door slams.

Guess not.

Go back to the cookies, oldest daughter wants to help, but then starts coughing all over, don't want our beautiful cookies all germy, so I send her off to work on her Valentines.

This frosting is not looking right...too runny

Add more powdered sugar.

Add food coloring to make red frosting.

Wait! When did the timer go off?? This batch is looking very brown around the edges. Blast! I hate crispy sugar cookies.

Oh well, we'll put extra frosting on those ones.

2 year old found the red frosting and is on the way to the family room..

Wash him off, put on Baby Einstein for him to watch while I finish

My stomach is hurting...too much cookie dough. Mental note: start diet tomorrow.

Add food coloring to make pink frosting.
Phone rings again,
2 year old climbs up on the counter and starts eating the ones we have already finished for her class. Aaaarghhhh!

Baby is hungry now

Move cookies to my bedroom on top of the dresser in our bedroom so 2 yr old can't get to them
Stop to feed baby, get hooked on a Designed to Sell on tv~what is that paint color Lisa used in the bathroom?? Love it!

It's 6:15??
Blast! It's the second Thursday of the month, which means Daddy comes home around 6:30 and has to be out the door to a meeting at 6:50.

Quick~throw on a pot of spaghetti, whip out a jar of alfredo sauce,

Send my oldest to round up the kids from next door,

start setting the table, everyone!

What do you mean there are no clean forks?

Open the dishwasher, I forgot to run it. Blast!

Quickly wash some,
look at the HUGE mess in the kitchen.

The sink is overflowing,

red fingerprints everywhere,

the frosting is runny,

I want to go to bed!

Oldest daughter:
"Mom, why are there cookies in your bedroom?"

"To keep them from your little brother. What do you think~aren't they pretty?"

Yea, but do you know which ones are the best? The ones at the store with the pink frosting and sprinkles...that's what Josie's mom brought last time."

I. give. up!

I think I better stick to bulletin boards and donuts.

Happy Valentines Day...I hope you make wonderful memories making cookies with your kids. This mom is off to the store to buy some.

P.S. You really think I took the time last night to find out the paint color with all I had been through??
You know me too well.
Cairo Brown by Ralph Lauren


  1. Ok, that was so funny! Sorry to get some pleasure out of your pain, but I can so relate to all you said. : ) Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This is why I only make suger cookies 1 to 2 times a year, such a mess, kids everywhere, frosting everywhere. HUGE mess to clean up while kids are eating all the cookies before I even get one they are all gone! I didn't even attempt this feat this year!

  3. I am sorry! That is quite hilarious, but I can imagine how frustrating that must have been. I'm sure they were great sugar cookies, though. I loved all the red handprints,too, that is so funny. I think I might attempt to make them today but they are out of a package. That's the way I like to do them! :) Hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day!

  4. Guilt rushes over me as I realize I was the "phone rings" and I helped contribute to the CHAOS!! SO sorry!! Mental note:don't call Melissa after 4 unless it is an emergency! Made for a great post--I too love the paint color! Thanks for being detective.
    p.s. This is why I appreciate a good sugar cookie so much--they are a ton of work! Yea Lofthouse!:)

  5. LOL, I only make sugar cookies at Christmas, because they are such a pain!

    I'm making red velvet cupcakes from scratch later and I am afraid it will be like your post. I should have just bought the box ones.

  6. And that is why I love baking with kids so much! Anyway, we aren't even allowed to send homemade treats to school.

    I love Designed to Sell and Lisa is the best!

  7. God bless you for trying!
    PS we call the cookies from the store "crack cookies" because they are mommy's crack. We can't have them in the house because I will eat the WHOLE BOX (not kidding)

  8. What an afternoon. I'm so glad someone else has days like that too! I didn't even attempt sugar cookies this year.

    That paint color is very pretty! I used Ralph Lauren in all of my bathrooms and really like it!

    Happy Valentines Day!


  9. That was great, I loved reading that! You are such an intertaining lady I wish I knew you! Shandy is the same way, I guess that's why you are both friends. I am glad that there are other mothers who have the same problems I do. Thanks for making everyone else feel better through your pain :)

  10. I can so relate. I can't tell you how many times my wonderful memory making adventures end up involving me, myself, and I. I keep thinking I'll learn, but I don't because every once in awhile it is worth it and I always hope this one is it.

  11. As a mother of 10 ranging from 6-23 I laughed till I had tears running down my face. I couldn't wait to share your darling post with my husband who also found the whole scene quite familiar. You are an amazing mother and are doing everything just perfectly! Keep up your amazing attitude and beautiful smile.

  12. so sorry to tell you this.. i laughed my behind off reading this. i think you must be supermom because i only have 1 child and i feel that busy half of the time. i don't know how you do it all girl!! have you heard of the new show on ABC called "in the motherhood?" all the episodes are stories from REAL MOMS who write in about their REAL LIFE experiences. i think this "day-in-your-life" would be absolutely perfect for an episode.

  13. My first time commenting on your blog, but this just struck home with me! Why is it when we try to be the good mom and do fun activities with our children and build memories it ends up going like this? Such a funny post, thanks for sharing.
    p.s. your blog is very inspiring to me. Love your decorating on the cheap ideas. Keep them coming.

  14. I started reading this feeling guilty that I don't bake with my chidren and just bought Lofthouse cookies at the store this morning! I felt like such a horrible Mom because I don't do these great fun bonding things with my children! However,what happened in your house is what would have happened in mine and it reminded me of the times I've been in your shoes. Us Mom's feel so guilty at times like these yet our children really just don't care. It is only us that cares. So you just made me very thankful that I bought the lofthouse cookies in the first place! LOL

  15. AWESOME POST!!! You made me laugh so hard! By the way, I think your red cookies turned out beautiful! Did you use paste food coloring to get it so red?? Hope you have a more relaxing day today.... :o)

  16. Hilarious and so true to life! You know what happens to the best laid plans...
    thanks for sharing, you've put a smile on my face today!

  17. Did you come to my home? I love that you are keeping it real on your blog - we all need to do that a little more!

  18. I really admire your effort though! Sounds like you really tried hard! :) and mmmm sugar cookies!!!

  19. Okay Melissa, When are you going to write a book? You have such a wonderful take on Motherhood I love reading your insights. Please let me know when you get your book deal because I will be first in line to buy it!!!

  20. Heee...I Love it! Memories...way more important than beautiful cookies!

  21. I could just see it! LOL! I'll learn my lesson from watching you and always get the cookies from the store.

  22. I am DYING laughing over here!!!

  23. are insane!!! Even with my big kids...I waited till they were all in bed and made cookies by myself!!! At midnight thirty!!! But still, much more peaceful! Then, the kids got up this morning and frosted the ones they were taking to their friends...(girlfriends...yikes).


  24. Oh man, what a day!!

    Those cookies though...the ones with the pink frosting...hands down my favorite cookies in the whole world. I once had them in place of a birthday friends stuck candles in them and everything. LOVE them!

  25. Oh, my goodness! Too funny! I made a whole bunch for DS's preschool class yesterday and yes, I totally trashed my kitchen. With the help of my 1 1/2 year old who thought it would be awesome to dump 2 jars of sprinkles all over the floor. And then my 4 year old vacuumed them up, turned the hand vac upside down, and they all spilled out again. I waited for them to dry, packaged them all cute, and then got my son ready for bed and saw that he had pinkeye and wouldn't even be GOING to his stupid Valentine's party.

    If it's any consolation, your cookies look better than the first ones I ever made! :)

  26. thank you for a good laugh. This sounds all to familiar! Happy Valentine's Day!

  27. Thanks so much for a good laugh!! I can totally relate to the frustration of cooking with small children. Mine are a little older now, and it is much, much easier!

  28. This post is hilarious! I'm sitting here cracking up. Boy, can I relate to this. I should post a photo of the cake I baked for Valentine's Day. It was a big, hot mess, and burned around the edges. I believe I was watching "Designed to Sell" as I worked on it, too! (I love that show.)

    Thanks for joining my blog party and making me laugh so hard today. Great Valentine's post! :-)

  29. Hard to believe, but I miss those days. I host teenage parties now, I like it but, (having one right now infact) I realize now, that, I miss the day that I had red hand prints on my walls. Take a nap!HA HA
    Have a good day.

  30. LOL at your day! I think we can all relate!!! It seems like every time I make sugar cookies it turns out that way too.

  31. Oh, that sounds sooo familiar! And now I buy cookies, too! :)


  32. Laughing so hard I had tears! Too funny! The comment about the pnik cookies, too cute! My son loves those too.

  33. I post I can relate to, for sure. Except my kiddos are grown up, and YES, I DO MISS THOSE TIMES!!! Thanks for sharing yourself. :) ..........Kathy

  34. Ah don't you have when the store bought stuff is better than the stuff you make? Lol i hate that! I try to make them similar but i usually fail.

  35. Thanks for the laugh.  Love it!  That describes so many of my days around here!  I stink at sugar cookies.  I usually end up pressing sugar cookie dough into a sheet pan and letting the kids put their shapes in the dough to make impressions instead of actually cutting out individual cookies. 


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