happy first day of spring!

20 March 2009

It's officially here...yea!

This week has flown with spring break~we've gotten some good cleaning in, with a few of these:
"no one else's mom makes them clean on spring break!"
"mom, it's supposed to be a break!",
and my personal favorite, "the only reason parents have kids is so they can work for them!"

Believe it or not, we've actually had a good time (see above pic) and I think they've seen that spring cleaning isn't all that bad.
Today we'll be outside cleaning out the car and backyard...
And, of course with the coming of spring is the coming of yard sales~hooray! Here are some little treasures I found:

a big frame: $1
some fabric storage boxes: $2
old books: $1
a cheeseboard with a glass cover: $1
a little cupboard shelf: $5
I'm itching to do some fun things with these finds. I thought next week would be a perfect time for some Yard Sale 101 posts. Can't wait! Hope you have a beautiful spring weekend...


  1. I look forward to Yard Sale 101, I love thrift shopping and yard sales.

  2. We are moving to Texas...what part do you live in? candacefielding(at)gmail(dot)come.

  3. Hey Melissa....yes I love all your finds...please share all the tips for yard sale 101 cause I came in the tail end of last year and saw where people go to yard sales and I never have so my plan is to get all the info and head out this year a looking.

    Luv the top pic by the pond/lake, oh and the little one cleaning the vent...good job he did I see.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Come visit my giveaway.

  4. i just love to see what you do with all your fun yard sale/thrift store finds! that shelf is going to be so cute when you do something with it!!

  5. Love your garage sale finds. The little cupboard is adorable.

    Victoria and I went to Ikea today so we haven't been doing any spring cleaning.

  6. Those are some great finds! I'm so excited for garage sale season :)

  7. Great finds! I know I would appreciate at little Yard Sale education. Goodwill I can do. Craigslist I can do. Good clearance sales I can do. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with yard sales! :(

  8. Love the picture of your little guy cleaning the grates. Cute! And fun yard sale findS!!

  9. Ooo...great finds! I can't wait for it to warm up just a bit more here so I can hit up some yard sales! I've been having withdrawals and this post just makes it worse. Have fun with your treasures!

  10. BEAUTIFUL finds!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. And good for you for teaching your little ones to both work and play. Have you ever heard or read the poem, 'The meanest mom on the block' or maybe it's 'The meanest mom in the world'. It's written by an adult child giving thanks to his mother for being (just that) when he was growing up. : )

  11. Great finds... can't wait to see you work your magic.



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