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29 April 2009

Hello! Thank you so much for all of your kind words about the makeover~isn't that the great thing about blogging? If y'all didn't like it, you just move right on to the next blog, leaving compliments only. I don't think I could ever handle the rate my space stuff. You made my day :)

Okay, I promised you the details! You know I love to go on and on, so brace yourself.
Here is the other area of the bathroom~I found the shower curtain last year on clearance at Target for $6.24. We painted the cabinets black. I still need to add something to the window...I'll let you know when I's on the never-ending "list..."

The saving grace of this bathroom was the white tile in the tub/shower. They may have chosen hideous wallpaper, scalloped sinks with sparkly gold glitter:
and carpet in the bathroom (ewww), but for the tub and tile they chose white. That saved us a lot of $$. The cabinets were ugly, but were in pretty good shape, and just a classic design, so we were also able to just paint those which also saved a lot.

The light fixture is the same one that is in our other bathroom, I just spray painted it black. We got all of our light fixtures at a big lighting clearance last year on Amazon ~this one was $7.50.

A few little accessories:
This is just an apothecary jar filled with white Dove soap. Walgreens had a promotion a few months ago where if you bought 8 dove soaps for .99 each, you got $10 back in their store. I stocked up and thought they would be a great filler.
(sorry about bad lighting in the next pics)

These little ones I found at a yard sale for .10 and .25 and just put some cotton and a loofah in them

We just did a strip of subway tile around the edge of the countertop for a backsplash, picking up the white from the shower. At 22 cents each, they are a cost effective way to get a classic look.

The paint color we used is Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan. I was going to use it in the kitchen, but it didn't look great it there, so I used it in here.

I know a lot of people don't like Wal-mart, but I have found some great deals there:

towel holders $6 each:
toilet paper holder: $7
mirrors $29 each

I'll talk about how we did the counters, cabinets, little planter thing in the middle, and paint in another post, but here is the cost breakdown so far:

new shower curtain: 6.25
black paint for cabinets: $18
simple brushed nickel knobs from Ebay: (.80 X 7) 5.60
brushed nickel spray paint for all of the hinges: $2.99
light fixture above mirrors: $7.50
paint for wall: $18 (Behr labor day paint rebate in the fall)
black framed mirrors from Wal-mart ($29 X 2) $58
white subway tile backsplash: $25

apothecary jar from TJ Maxx: $10
soap: free from Walgreens
little jars from yard sale with fillers: 85 cents
toilet paper holder from Wal-mart: $7
2 towel holders from Wal-mart: $12
2 hand towels from Target: $6
plates from Target (remember I went through all 4): $7.50
napkins from TJMaxx for plates: $4
key art: $2

Total so far:$190.69

More to come...have a great day!


  1. Ok what? People don't like WalMart??? Who are they?
    Love, love the makeover-I especially adore the shower curtain. I'm definitely inspired to do a little revamping myself...starting with paining my cupboards black :)

  2. So how long is your stay in UT? I think I am going to hire you out for a day to finish my bathroom!! Truly amazing! I even have that same shower curtain so there's a start!:) LOVE YOU!

  3. Melissa, once again it looks gorgeous! Great job - sorry Kerri and I flaked yesterday, I'd keep on her, though. Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  4. Brilliant! It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    See this is why you get awards. I have a little one for you if you'd care to come by.
    Thank you!

  5. Your bathroom is simply gorgeous and done with such an economical budget too. Your creativity really shines to create such a beautiful room on a realestic budget. Good for you. I love the results. Hugs, Marty

  6. looks wonderful! I love the bathroom, the paint color, on the cabinets, and on the wall! You have a great eye for accesorizing?

  7. Love all the details you are sharing!

  8. I agree with Jill. Who doesn't like Walmart?? But wow, I can't believe how little it cost to redo your bathroom. It's amazing! I have a HIDEOUS bathroom complete with the ugly tile all over. I'm gathering my strength and going to attempt to paint everything. We'll see how that goes! I've gathered so much inspiration from your room. (My grandma used to put unwrapped bars of Dove soap in a large vintage potty pan in her bathroom. I just love Dove soap in a container because of those memories.)

  9. I'm one of those crazies who's not a fan of Walmart, for a lot of reasons that I won't get into here.

    But I have been looking for a mirror like that for months, so I think I am going to have to suck it up and go there. :)

    Thanks for the tip!

  10. Thanks for sharing all the details. My next project is my master bath. I need to check out wally world (our family name for Wal-mart) for mirrors. I always find gret deals there. Luckily we live close to a nice new one.

  11. What good deals! Why cant I ever find anything like that???

  12. I think you did a fantastic job, and I love the savings on all of the items!


  13. I love the mirror, but do you find that you miss a medicine cabinet?

    I always seem to wonder if I would miss one or not.

    I love how you broke down the cost for us.

  14. Melissa---you did a wonderful job on your bathroom. Those before picturs---eeek!! What a difference. Great deals on lighting and towel holders and such.

  15. I passed on that Dove deal in the past, but I think next time it comes up I might do it. I have a jar in my bathroom of Dove soap, but it's a mixture of pink & white and I'm not in love with it.

  16. Looks great! Don't you love it when you make things work without spending a fortune!

  17. Wow, I love it more with each picture! Awesome shower curtain. Don't ya just LOVE the smell of Dove soap? Reminds me of baths at Grandma's...

  18. I love the soap idea...I need to find a jar for my bathroom, asap!!!

    Blessings to you!

  19. Oh my gosh, I love everything! My parents have a bathroom almost identical to yours before... I'll have to show her your transformation! Do you have an e-mail address? I have a few questions about some of your previous posts? Thanks for sharing all of the "little" details!

  20. Coming in at under $200 makes me want to dance a jig! You have got some mad skills woman!


  21. I thought I left you a comment yesterday about this, but I must have goofed somehow. This is positively amazing. I love IT ALL! So well done. To think you did this for under $200.00??? You're my new hero! = ) Thanks for giving us a peek!

  22. Now I'm even more in LOVE with your bathroom!! That's amazing you spent so little and got such a BIG change!!


  23. I love the makeover, but I think even more than I that, I love how budget conscious you are. That makes it so doable for the rest of us!

  24. I am SO impressed at how much you were able to do for such a small price tag. You have got talent girl!


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