My Favorite Paint Colors: Layla from the Letttered Cottage

31 May 2009

Meet Layla from the Lettered Cottage:

I knew that somehow I wanted her to be a part of "my favorite paint color" week here at 320 Sycamore because of her fabulous eye for the right colors. I am so thrilled that she is beginning the week for us! She has a true passion for decor and the details~if you haven't been to her blog, it is a must-see. She and her husband are transforming their home room by room and the change is just remarkable. You've really got to go see the befores to appreciate what they've done so creatively on a budget.


I'm Layla Palmer, and I'm a Paint-a-holic.
I fully admit that I have an obsessive compulsive relationship with the stuff.
I'm infatuated with analyzing tints and shades of any given hue.
I carry my fan decks, "Sherwin and Benjamin", with me wherever I go.

I've called the Lettered Cottage my home for a year and a half now, and I still don't have every room painted yet. (Yes, I still have a neon purple Guest Bathroom)
Because it's become so important for me to get the color exactly right, (so that it blends perfectly with whatever finishes, accessories and fabrics I use in the room) I've learned to wait to choose it after I have everything else selected first.

Does this mean I've never had to re-paint a room?
No way!
I re-painted my Kitchen three times before I finally settled on this "barely blue" color:

Here's the formula, in case anyone is interested:

Next door, in the Dining Room, I used Sherwin Williams' "Rice Grain".

The two colors remind Kevin and I of the sand, and the sea. And because we believe we are "meant to be, by the sea"- they really make us feel happy.

In my Guest Bedroom I used a color called "Fencepost" by Behr, available at the Home Depot.

It's an earthy white...real easy on the eyes because of it's brown undertones.
I only recommend using this as a wall color in really bright spaces though. It can look a little "dirty" in darker rooms.

In the near future, I will remove the drywall from the walls in my Office to uncover more horizontal planks of wood. I'll also paint it "Fencepost", since the rooms are right next door to each other.

In my Reading Room, (a room that we're guessing used to be a Bathroom) I used a combination of "Fencepost" and "Natural Choice", by Sherwin Williams to create 12" horizontal bands of color around the room.

Right now, I'm in the middle of stenciling part of my favorite quote around the top band of color.

Lastly, in the Living Room, I also used "Natural Choice" to create a smooth visual transition between the spaces.

Thank you, Melissa, for allowing me this opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects!
I will continue to share my future color selections over at my blog. But until I make all the decisions on everything I'm using in my Guest Bathroom, you won't see any pics of the glorious 'Lectric Lavender' that currently coats its walls. :-)


Thank you, Layla! It's such a treat to have you over~I love the advice about gathering everything before choosing the color, and it's so good to know that even the pros have to re-paint when the color isn't quite right. Happy June to everyone~be getting those pics ready for the party on Thursday:


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  2. Love Layla's blog and yours too! I have the formula for her kitchen blue paint on my bulletin board behind the that color!! I had seen a post she had on it before. Thanks for sharing this post on such a great designer!! I too am a paint-a-holic!!lol


  3. I love her blue! I am going to paint my utility room/back entrance blue and I am having problems getting just the right one. Thanks for sharing her ideas with all of us.


  4. I love Layla's blog and home. It looks like a page right out of a magazine. Her taste is timeless and elegant but casual, so inspiring. I am so excited for the party!!

  5. Two of my favorite decorating blogs in one!

  6. I'm a frequent reader of Layla's blog and I have to admit, I'm jealous that she seems to nail every room just right.

  7. I love Layla - she is one talented girl and has a great blog! I'm planning on using her kitchen blue in my new laundry room!

  8. I am so impressed (and obsessed!) with her excellent style! She makes me wish my home was more "cottagey" (made-up word obviously!)

    And Melissa, thank you for the sweet comment about our adoption process! Just want to say again I'm so glad I found your blog. :)

  9. Neat... thanks for sharing Layla with us!

  10. i have been checking out laylas blog for the past few weeks... i used a bathroom makeover idea of hers to transform my boys bathroom... i love her use of beadboard in a lot of her ideas... thanks for showcasing her... i think shes amazing

  11. When I grow up I want to be JUST like Layla!!


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