design challenge: Sara's After!

25 August 2009

Remember this deep, dark den design challenge?? We all shared our thoughts, inspiration pics, and links with Sara,

and she and her husband have been hard at work:
look at what they've done!

Such a difference~you can see more here. Thanks, Sara!

If you have a design challenge you need help with and you're ready to get to work on your "after" pictures~email your pics to

Let me know what your dilemma is, and you may be featured to get free advice and thoughts on your space.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh boy Melissa, you know not what you ask. I have more pictures of bare walls and walls that have wallpaper glue on them that I can't get off! I'm so frustrated w/THAT project. My house is from 1970 and is a brick ranch, once the belle of the ball they tell me, but yikes, it was not prepared for me to live in it in the 21st century- me- with not a redecoration gene in my entire body. *huge sigh* *second huge sigh*

    these before and afters are lovely. I love to come over here and dream.

  2. What a great new room!!! Such a difference. It's making me rethink the red walls in my Dining room....

  3. What a wonderful transformation!!

  4. WOW! The difference is like night and day. I love the after :)

  5. Hello Melissa - thank you for sharing the amazing before & after photos! I can't believe the difference. Wowee.


  6. Wow! what a difference! Im in transisition right now and a little stumped..maybe I should have you look at my pics of my living room!

  7. It looks great. So glad she didn't paint the fireplace; it provides a nice contrast.

  8. I can't even believe that is the same room! Gorgeous.

  9. Wow. It's like a completely different house. I'm off to Sara's now to see more!

  10. wow! that is some transformation. it looks so serene now.


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