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20 November 2009

I am having a blast seeing all of your favorite things!

It's fun to see everyone's favorites outside of spray paint, crafting, and thrifting, but it's taking forever, because I'm checking so many things out as I read...."oooooh, does my library have that book?" or "please, please let them have those boots in my size", putting lipstick and nailpolish colors on my list to check out, or listening to your favorite music on Amazon previews. Plus, y'all are making me hungry!

Thank you to everyone that has linked up, and you can still join through this evening when I'll close up shop, since my spammers seem to especially love the weekends. I'll make it around to everyone though~

Another of my favorites is my readers!

Sally Y. from Montana sent me an email saying..."I know how much you love a good Old Navy deal and just thought I'd let you know I stopped in today and they were having their 50% off clearance price sale. I walked out of their with a bag packed full of great deals and Christmas gifts! My store said the sale went until next Wednesday. Hope you and the rest of your readers can snatch up some good deals too!"

Also, if you go to Old Navy Weekly, you can create your own band logo, print it off, and get 50% off of any single item in the store tomorrow~here's the one I got for 320 Sycamore: :)

Some of you recommended their jeans in your favorite things, and I desperately need a new pair, so I may be checking it out and it's so nice to get some good deals and maybe avoid the Black Friday madness!

Hang on to your hats...are you ready for some more deals??

There is a printable $5 off $20, $20 off of a $50 purchase, and and extra 25% on all furniture (including sale!) World Market coupons here that will be good through Nov 25.

Bath & Body Works is having their signature collection Buy 3, get 3 free, plus their Slatkin & Co. room sprays are $3 (which I know was also on lot of favorite things lists!), plus here is a $10 of $30 purchase , good through the weekend to use on top of it, making for some great, inexpensive gifts!

And last but not least, today is the same day last year that Hob Lob's fall went 90% off, and Michaels should be as well~I would call to verify. They want everything fall out of their stores, lol :)

Have a great weekend~


  1. Oh Melissa...
    You are just Ms Shopper/Saver herself. I can come here and find a little bit of Sunshine..a little bit of decor..a little bit of sale..why you have developed One Stop Blogging. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Love ya girl.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. I so love to come and see what you are up to. I love it here. Thanks for sharing. Stop by soon. I so love to have you visit. Love the company.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. I am so honored to see my sale find show up on your blog! (minus the misspelled their instead of there, oops!) You know I will be hitting Old Navy Weekly for even more savings before I head back to the store!

  3. I love a good deal! I will have to check out Old Navy today. Thanks Melissa!


  4. I already went and bought the mascara and lip liner you recommended, Melissa! I wish I could get to the Old Navy 50% off sale. I have bought jeans from them as well. I used to find they ran big, so just make sure you try them on before you buy.

  5. Thanks for posting all the great deals. I have nada going on this afternoon so I’m going to hit up Bath and Body works and maybe Old Navy to see if I can do any damage.

    Although I didn’t join in I enjoyed look through everyone’s ideas too!! More things to add to my Christmas list.


  6. Thanks for the sales & coupons!

    If the ON jeans don't work out my two favorites are:
    Apt. 9 Maxwell fit @ Kohl's they are $29 this week. Great for casual wear, super soft & comfy.

    Bandolino (yes, the shoe company) from Macy's, you can get them for around $30 on sale. They have several different fits. They are nice and long, dark wash & look great dressed up or down.

  7. I just wanted you to know I went to the Dollar tree to get the supplies to make the WS knockoff candle holders, I will let you know how they turn out.
    Thanks for the great tip!!

  8. Thanks Melissa. You're amazing! I loved the Favorite Things party and got some great ideas and new things to try. Well, I'm off to Bath & Body Works (with my coupon) and Hobby Lobby. Have a great weekend.

  9. Wow! People are finding some great deals out there. I wish I were more settled so I could participate in all the fun. Hopefully soon.

  10. Thanks for hosting the favorite things party...It was great to read everyone's favs. Also appreciate you stopping by my blog.
    I LOVED your WS hurricane tutorial!!!! I checked all six of our dollar stores and none of them had the large hurricane, so I'll probably get something at Walmart. Thanks...I can't wait to make this.


  11. Thanks Melissa for searching out the deals on theses well talked about items from the party- you are the hostess with the mostess!!!!

  12. Wish I could go shopping but not happening. Well, I can still visit everyone who joined the party and enjoy their favorites. Thanks for hosting~it is so much fun!!
    I currently have a very loooonnnngggg list of requests on my library card. Our system is great and will bring books from anywhere in our state to the library of your choice. I am always there.


  13. Thank you, I just used the World Market coupon to get 25% off the dining chairs I've been wanting!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I am not sure if they have a Vanity store near you. However they are the best jeans ever! They have to waist and inseam, so they fit you perfect! They last forever and they have tons of cute styles!

  15. I have bought jeans from them as well.

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  16. How exciting World Markey coupon!!! Thank you! Love your blog! Come follow me to at http://apunchofcolor.blogspot.com/
    happy thanksgiving!

  17. Melissa, I just had to try your .99 W&W Lip Liner....I love it! It is a great color and what a deal! Thanks for the tip!

    yapping cat


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