a new direction...

12 January 2010

I started this blog when my husband was getting his PhD. It was my "outlet" during his long hours away from home and helped out financially. BlogHer is a dream to work with~they have taken care of all of the advertising, I just have to write the posts. By visiting this blog, y'all have helped pay for the "extra" things like piano lessons and sports for my kids that we didn't think we'd be able to afford while in school. I can't thank you enough for that.

With this new year, new move to a new state and a new way of life, it has been a perfect time to think about where I want this blog to go. I've also been remembering who I used to be.

I used to run and exercise and actually loved it.
I used to get up early and read my scriptures, spend time in prayer, and have quiet time before the kids got up.
I used to have fun activities and adventures planned with my kids and wouldn't dream of spending more than 10 minutes at the computer while they were awake.
I used to love collecting and trying new recipes, making menu plans, and playing the whole coupon game at the grocery stores.

I really want to get to know the old Melissa again. I'll still be doing projects and blogging, but it will be probably be around twice a week and....
I'm turning off the comments.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

I love your comments, but I think I love them too much.
As in, I rush in from the store with a baby in one arm and grocery bags on the other and click refresh on the computer to see if there are any new comments before I put anything down.
And then I feel guilt because I don't respond to all of them or come around to all of your blogs.
I remember emails I haven't responded to when I'm up with my baby at 3 a.m.
I think constantly about great future posts.
It's just taking up too much space in my brain and priorities.

I want to be a full-time mom and wife, blogger on the side
instead of a full-time blogger and mom/wife on the side.

I want you to be able to visit, enjoy, and not feel like you have to leave a comment, so I guess it will be kind of like a mini magazine format? Of course, you can email if you feel an urgent need to comment or ask a question, and I'll have an email address for you to respond to without trying to hunt down your blog!! :)

In short, I believe if you ask God what He would have you become, He will answer. And as much as I thought I would hate writing all of this, this feels right for me in my season of life. I will always be able to blog, but I can never take these years back with my kids.

And the projects will continue, don't you worry about that. I'll show you the pictures of the house we made an offer on and you'll see that future projects will be abundant. We moved in this last weekend and are able to rent until closing. Wahoo! Boxes are everywhere and it is pure chaos with everyone wondering where their socks and backpacks and markers are, but hopefully we can get our heads back on soon.

Thanks for listening and understanding and hope you'll still continue to stop by a couple times a week. Comments are now closed {gulp}, but I reserve the right to turn them back when I need your input and advice on what to do with this house!