Our (new to us) house!

15 January 2010

Here are some pics I stole from the realtor~I included the floorplan too. It has the space we need: 1600 on the top and an unfinished 1600 on the bottom. It’s in a great neighborhood with the school we wanted and was about 60k less than the others we were considering. Most importantly, it just felt right. You know when you walk in and start looking around and you just know “this is it!” Even if it may not be exactly what you were envisioning? God has been good to our little (okay…big) family. It’s been crazy, but has all worked out. I cannot wait to get settled and you don’t even want to know how plans have been stirring in my head. The walls are white and there is no wallpaper…blank slate! Enjoy and thanks for looking at the potential with me. Much more to come….have a great day!home up

house downDSC03289 B DSC03349BDSC03274DSC03282DSC03255 DSC03289A DSC03289D DSC03301 DSC03309 DSC03315 DSC03323 DSC03324D