remember craft paint??

18 February 2010

The Dollar Tree had these sweet frames…I thought they would look even better with a new coat of paint:Feb 2010 030

Remember craft paint?? The stuff we used to use before we discovered spray paint and heirloom white? I pulled some out of my craft drawer and got re-acquainted with sky blue.Feb 2010 026
I used my finger to let some of the brown come through, but if you want to stay neat and tidy, wait for it to dry and use glaze or sandpaper. My impatient self prefers the quick, messy route.Feb 2010 029  Inside I placed a word that I’m using to help me remember some goals I’ve set for myself…
Feb 2010 039
Craft paint! Welcome back into my life!
$1 frame + .79 craft paint = definitely under $10 and under 1 hour