thrifty treasures

15 March 2010

Rhoda’s thrifty treasures is back! image Yay! The last of the snow finally melted this last weekend, and I’m hoping it’s the end of it all. I haven’t seen any yard sales yet, but I have been stopping by the thrift store down the way from us. Here are some treasures I’ve found:
march 2010 053

the coolest little star~you can hang it up or let it stand (1.95)

march 2010 057 I love vintage luggage~I may display this, store toys in it, or put it in the dress up box. My kids already used it for their buried treasure box… (.97)

march 2010 049 a glass hurricane~I’m trying to force some branches right now, but I may just do something else with it later…(1.97)

march 2010 052
Now that the snow is gone, I’m finding snow boots~wahoo! I’m glad I held out ($2/pair)
I also found these 2 dressers on Craigslist for $40 each (from the same person) They both need some work, but I loved them:
Feb 2010 010
Feb 2010 016We also finally found a piano for $200 on Craigslist:Feb 2010 022
Happy Monday!