it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

17 March 2010

Because these are out:

image from flickr

Cadbury mini eggs. My favorite candy of the whole year, by  a hundred thousand miles. My friend calls them crack bury eggs because she swears they lace those crunchy shells with something. I think she’s right. This is not my picture, because I cannot keep them in the house. If a bag is open, I finish it off. It’s such a good thing that they only come out once a year. My wicked sister in law, Kristine always saves me bags for my birthday.

I even bought my Easter candy early last year and took it down to my neighbor’s house and instructed her to keep it hidden for me so I wouldn’t eat it all. I called her the night before Easter around 10:00 to come get it. She gasped and said she would bring them down in a little bit. She had eaten all of the mini eggs and forgotten to get more, so she was driving all around Lubbock, Texas at 11:00 p.m. trying to find them. She made a fantastic discovery though: United supermarket (on Frankford & 82nd for all you Lubbock girls) had already marked their Easter candy 75% off, so she got me 5 bags of mini eggs. Thanks a lot, Alison.

I’ve added a really super important informative poll on my sidebar >>>>>>>>>>>.

What is your favorite easter candy? My husband loves the Starburst jelly beans. I know some go ga-ga over the cream eggs. Some of you actually love Peeps. Vote for all-time your favorite. For you good, skinny girls who are swearing off sugar, hide your eyes.

And some more random info to add to this utterly useless post: Lowes and Home Depot have already switched to their summer hours (I think most are on this schedule~check before you head out!) so they’re open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. For me, that means I have a much better chance of going without the kids.

Happy St. Pats!