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15 April 2010

spray painting doorknobs from Becky~she gives you a fabulous step-by-step (ooh, baby) tutorial

BloggerJennie cut and then glue-gunned these flowers for her Target pillow knock-off. My kind of girl!

A lovely builder grade bathroom vanity re-do from Cassity
Tammy Mitchell’s pom pom tutorial:
Have you been to Meadowbrook Farm yet?
Cheryl introduced me to this blog, and it stopped me in my tracks because this is where I grew up! Well, not on Meadowbrook Farm, but 45 minutes away. In my beloved Montana. Absolutely beautiful, Teresa…
Go Eat Worms by Sarah.  Can I just have to show you my first comment from Sarah? (do you remember when this was her profile pic? :)
 ThriftyDecorChick said...
Ohh, don't remember how I found you but I love your site! You are a girl after my heart! 11/9/08 10:29 PM
I was over the moon, beyond thrilled. Nicest person, evah and has introduced a new language into the blogging world. She featured my bathroom makeover and gave me my big break in blogging, and I will always grateful to her for that. I know y’all lurve her too!


  1. This is too funny! I was just checkin' in before I jumped into bed and started reading your post. Then, all of a sudden I thought,"Hey, that pillow looks just like the one I made!" HUH? I wonder why? It's probably time for bed!=) Thanks for featuring my little pillow! YOU ARE GREAT!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  2. Love the pillow! So adorable :D

    If any of you get a chance take a look at my blog


  3. Lots of good stuff here. I just love those pillows.

  4. Awwww girl, you are the GREATEST!! ;) You are too sweet and you rock more than ever!! (And not because you complimented me -- because you rock.)

  5. Great stuff, thank for sharing.

  6. Yep, lurve Sarah. Isn't it wonderful when big bloggers feature someone who then gets a "big blogging break"? And now you're a big blogger, and you can feature other bloggers.

    Okay, now, I have a question: why can't more people in the world be like bloggers? Or why can't we all act the way in real life that we act online? Maybe there are mean bloggers out there, but most of the ones I've met are so kind and generous! Just one of the reasons I'm so thankful to have found blogging.

  7. How lucky you were too live somewhere as beautiful as Teresa does!!...isn't her blog just stunning too?

    You inspire me every day Melissa!!

    Have a FABULOUS weekend!!♥

  8. Oh I love the doorknob idea! I just want to change them without having to pay an arm and a leg! This was great!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  9. Montana is on my list of places to visit. :) My mom and dad worked at Glacier National Park for a summer when they were still dating. I'd love to see it!

    Great links, Melissa! :)

  10. You had some great finds this week. I will have to go check them out.

  11. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my bathroom vanity makeover! That is totally exciting! Thanks again!

  12. So funny about you talking like Sarah. She is so cute and her writing makes me laugh:)

  13. You and your links...they are always so darn good and suck me in and I don't need more blogs to read but you get me every time!
    And I LOVE Sarah's post...LOVE it.

  14. Nice photo. The scenic is wonderful. I have never been to Meadowbrook Farm yet but it looks really beautiful.

  15. Hello sweet Melissa - thank you for sharing all these wonderful blogs. I really like that pillow! The flowers added to it take it to a FAB level!



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