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19 April 2010

About the purse: I got it last year at Target at the end of the summer clearance for 6 or 7 dollars when we were in Montana visiting. I had forgotten about it, but found it when I was unpacking a box and was excited to switch to a spring/summery purse. april 2010 185
I was picking my son up from preschool last week~this is not a preschool that has a handy dandy drop off line where you drive up, they get out with their teacher, you go.  Oh no, it’s not.

It’s one that you have to park a block away, unbuckle 3 kids, walk in the one unlocked entrance on the back side of the building, drop him off, say hi to the teacher,  stop at the small drinking fountain to get a drink, stop by the bathroom because they have the cool little toilets that are just my 3 yr old’s size and he loves them, stop to pick up bugs and sticks and dandelions on the way back to the van, buckle everyone up and then turn around and do it again in 3 (2.5 now) hours. Everyone raved about what a great school it was, but I didn’t even think to ask about the drop off situation.
I was at his classroom picking him up and he said, “I like your new purse mom.” This is a child that notices EVERYTHING. A little girl behind us said, “it’s a nurse purse!” and my son laughed and said, “yeah, it’s a nurse purse.”
And I couldn’t stop thinking  about it on the way home. I loved it when I first saw it then I started doubting myself and thought  maybe I am old and nursy.  I know, I’m letting a 5 yr old get into my head? So, I had to ask you all  if it was too old and fuddy duddy. And 41% of you said you thought it was, but that’s okay!
fresh, springy, chic!
45% (23)
old lady nurse
41% (21)
other~do explain
14% (7)
Total votes
100% (51)
I had to share a few comments I loved:
Susan said, “Every bag can look chic if wearing the right outfit with it. If you're wearing "mom" jeans and a flowered top...I'd say no go. But if it's an idea outfit off of "What not to Wear", I'm sure it will look great!” 
and Melanie: “its not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Own it sister.”
and Laura: “I think if you add a fresh (read thin and springy) scarf... tied around the strap near where it attaches to the bag, you can TOTALLY ROCK IT!!!”
Thank you all for being honest and being my fashion consultants. I’ll probably still look like an old nurse most days, but maybe I’ll try to work it at least one day a month. If you are still reading this hideously long post, bless you.
AND I want to thank my top 25 referrers for the month of March. This blog would be nothing without all of you referring and word of mouth. I appreciate it so  much! (I use Google Analytics to track my numbers~it’s free) Go meet these fabulous ladies if you don’t know them: {thank you, Kate!}
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Happy Monday~


  1. Aw shucks, friend. That's so nice ! Who wouldn't want to visit you and all of your fabulousness ? I know I'm a huge fan ! Yay for Ms. Granville House !

  2. About the purse ~ I think the kids said it's a nurse purse because of the little twisty knob things that make a plus sign (cross sign)(red cross sign)... get it? There! I hope you feel better.

    The Library Lady

  3. Wow, I didn't know you are tracking me. ;) ;) Thanks a bunch to YOU for the link!

    You know I am a huge purse fan. I get lots of compliments on MY bags when I'm out. I like your bag!! I have a similar long as you're not wearing it with mom jeans and a scrunchie, I'd say you are safe!! :)

  4. Diane~thank you! I didn't even think about the red cross thing~I can totally see it now :)

    Amanda~mwhahahaha. I'm like James and Victoria...

  5. Oh Mama! Don't worry about the "nurse purse" comment... those little one probably didn't even know what they were saying -- say nurse purse 3X fast and it's funny! That's probably what was going on in their precious little heads.

    But I do understand. My little guy (when he was in kindergarten) told me I looked like a man when I asked him how I looked in my SA-WEET chocolate brown, Ralph Lauren blazer. {doh} Thought I was going to collapse into a small pool of pity, but I was on my way to an event that I had coordinated at our church and had to keep it together. Felt like such a man-dweeb the whole time. Eventually a dear friend told me that I was being crazy (in a nice way, of course) for listening to my 5-year old. 'Nuff said. Love ys!!

  6. BTW, TOTALLY thought the bag was some high-end, foofoo brand. LOVE that you got it at Target!

  7. Oh, that's funny....but I still like that purse.
    And I had no idea that Google Analytics did that for you. You are so blog savvy!

  8. That part about letting the 5 year old get in your head was hilarious!!! ;)

  9. Wow, Melissa! I've been following your blog for about 6 months and love it!... However, I gotta tell ya, you and your son's perception of nurses is the only thing "too old and fuddy duddy" in this post! You and your son may want to check out the following links to see me and some of the great nurses I work with in action! BTW, I guarantee you won't see anyone carrying that purse in these images!

  10. awwwwe you're too sweet!! It's so fun to see how much everyone shares the love isn't it!!

    I've told you before, you are ALWAYS one of my top refers to my site!!

    Thanks for all you do Melissa!♥

  11. Anonymous~this was nothing against nurses, I promise. Y'all are the hardest working, patient, most amazing women and men that do 90% of the work in the medical field and get 10% of the pay. I know you don't wear the white suits anymore, that's why I immediately thought "old." Thanks for calling me out and for the video links~

  12. I agree with one of the earlier comments that said that the kids said that because of the plus sign that the clasps make :). still a cute purse & being a super frugal person myself, I'd say you definitely got a great deal!

  13. I was wondering when you were going to tell us about the purse. I was in the minority wanting you to spill it. Glad that you did:)

  14. That is too funny. You never know what they mean by stuff, seriously! I think your FB traffic may be from my FB page -- I highlighted your table turned benchs!! :) you rock!

  15. I have a purse that looks similar to that. I think it's cute! Isn't it funny where some of your referrals come from? I looked through the entire site on one of my referrals and didn't find boo about my blog! Weird.

  16. What do you mean when you say people "referred" you? I signed up for Google Analytics, but I totally need a tutor.

  17. Your son saying "I like your new purse" may have sounded like "nurse purse" to that little girl. New purse/ nurse purse..?

  18. How sweet! Thanks for mentioning me as a referrer!! :) (and btw, I really like that purse!)

  19. I would just like to let you know you are doing well in my book to carry a purse and care about the style. I have three small kids and stopped carrying two years ago. Sad to think I was once a purse/shoe obsessed person.

  20. Danielle~referred means that other blogs sent people to my blog from links or features on their sites. Google Anal. will tell you who your top referring sites are and how much of your traffic on your site is from other blogs/sites. If you click on "view report" and then look for "traffic sources" in the left column, then "referring sites" it should take you there. Does that make sense?

  21. I tie on bright fun scarves around purses to give them a fresh look or coordinate with what I am wearing. I get many "wow, what a great idea" comments.

  22. Thanks for the nurse support, Melissa! By the way, check out the new coach line, I think I saw your purse!

  23. The part about the 5 year old get in your head was hilarious!!!


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