good deal alert: doors and oven mitts

06 April 2010

Cute door alert! (can doors be cute? I think so.) Many Lowes stores are clearancing these doors out because they are not going to carry them in store any longer:april 2010 1 At our store, they were less expensive than the standard six panel doors~about $54, depending on the size. I was beyond thrilled! We were short one door at our store so we had them call some others in the area and we found the last one we needed for the basement.

They are called Relia Bilt 2 panel doors, and the item numbers we got are: 244862, 244857, 244858, and 244858. You can call ahead with the item numbers to see if they have any in stock.


are these not the cutest oven mitts you’ve ever seen? $1.99 each at Target. In my store they were between the towels and sheets near the tablecloths. april 2010 029

They make you want to bake or something :) I went back to get some for gifts, but they were out. The guy said they should be getting more in…

AND one last thing: our very important favorite Easter Candy poll! Here are the results:

Votes: 688

Cadbury mini eggs
210 (30%)
Cadbury cream eggs
99 (14%)
Reeses eggs
163 (23%)
Starburst jellybeans
41 (5%)
24 (3%)
Malted robins eggs
88 (12%)
Cadbury caramel eggs
30 (4%)
33 (4%)

Happy Tuesday~


  1. OH! I sooo need new doors. Do the item number go with different sizes? I'm guessing yes. And they are prehung! How much were they originally?

  2. Yes, the numbers are for different sizes and RH, LH, but chances are, if they have any of these in stock, they'll have others. We needed 30" and 36"..I think they were 80 something originally?? I'm not sure...good luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info
    we so need to update our doors!!
    Have a giveaway going on over at my blog so hop on over!

  4. Melissa the doors are just gorgeous and so full of character. I MUST have one of the red oven mitts! My favorite color and the polka dots are just too cute.

    Thanks for sharing the info with us sweet friend.

    Blessings to you. ~Melissa :)

  5. Oooh, I want these! Hmmm...I'm calling Lowe's manager right now! Yes, he is on my cell phone...we love our LOWES!!! :)

  6. That is a cute door! I'll run over to my Lowes this week and see if they're doing the same thing. We need to replace one and add a couple. Fingers crossed I get a good deal. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Oh how I wish I had the excuse for new doors. Maybe I will kick a few in this morning!!;) I LOVE these!! Can't wait to see the basement! LOVES!

  8. Adore those doors. I wish we could update every single one in our house. Sadly, all of the extra funds just went to the purty hardwood floors we had installed. Oh well..
    Although, I do want a cute door to repurpose as a desk..

  9. Love the door...and ALL the Easter candy...though I voted for Reeses!

  10. Oh, Melissa, LOVE those doors!!! And the mitts as well....i feel a Target shopping trip coming up...and my Lowe's is just a block from Target!!! ;0


  11. Ooh good tip.
    I've been toying with the idea of painting my door red. Any thoughts?

  12. love those doors...very cottage"y"

  13. LOOOOVE that door. I so wish I could replace every single blasted 1970's door in this house, but sadly I don't have a money tree in the backyard! Maybe I could could just get one new one. i mean since it's such a great deal and all....right???


  14. I am SO glad you posted this! We are buying doors for our basement this week so I'll have to run over there in the morning to see what our store has. They are just the look I'm going for!

  15. Thank you for posting. We already started updating all of our interior doors. We were waiting on the Master Bath doors until we did the BIG remodel. It looks like we better head to Lowe's THIS weeek!

  16. These are the same doors we have in our house. We love them! Can't wait to see the finished basement!

  17. Great tips! Just bought those oven mitts for a friend's bridal shower.

  18. Great tips! Those oven mitts are so cute :D

    Gemma X

  19. Awesome! I so need new doors in my house! Going to Lowes!

  20. I almost got those doors for our new home that we built. I let the girl talk me out of them (I never do that) when she talked about the dust that they would collect:(

    I still regret not getting them.

  21. Love those doors and yes, they're cute!

  22. I love that door! How exciting for you to find such a good deal!! I hope things are progressing well in the basement. . . I'm guessing you're getting eager to be able to really move in and live in all your house!

  23. I love these oven mits! I got some at our Target about a month ago for $1.79. I was so excited because mine really needed replaced. I was going to just get the cheapest, most basic and spotted these fun ones for such a great price! Our store didn't have red, but I may have to check back because I really like those :)

  24. Those doors are gorgeous! I would love to update all the door knobs in my house, not the doors.

    Target has some of the cutest things, don't they???

    Come on by and enter my giveaway.

  25. those doors are cute, but I buy the $19 ones that look just like that. ;)

    and thanks for the heads up about the oven mitts - I went there yesterday and got two! I thought $1.99 was the sale price, but NO, that's their regular price. so cute!

  26. Whata great deal on the doors. I'm anxious to see them in their final place.


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