the day after mother’s day…

10 May 2010

It was a beautiful day yesterday filled with sunshine, beautiful church lessons, homemade cards, flowers, sticky kisses, family, good food that I didn’t cook, and joy about being a mother. AND I can’t tell you how much I loved reading and then re-reading all of last week’s guest posts. I think they should be in a book. If you haven’t read them yet, it is so worth it.
may 2010 017 1

Around 2 a.m. my baby woke up screaming and pulling at his infamous right ear. Whenever he has any kind of cold, it seems to settle right in this ear. Another ear infection and a  dr. appt this morning. My mother in law got me the coolest little gadget that shows if there is fluid in the ear, and do you know what? It’s been right on with what the Dr. says every time. I love it.may 2010 015 1
We tried to sleep in a little from the crazy night but were awakened with fighting over who got the last of the Crunch Berries my husband picked up this weekend. Then my oldest daughter announced she had homework she needed to finish, my 5 year old threw himself on the floor and proclaimed he was too sick to go to preschool…
Back to life,
back to reality….
But, wait…can you hear that? You can’t hear anything?
Either can I.
The basement is finished. The fence is up.
No more pounding, hammering, Hank Williams blasting, knocking on the door asking, where do you want the thermostat, ma’am,” or the tub fixtures you picked out aren’t going to fit this rough in, do you think you can run down to Lowe’s and pick out some new ones,” or “your neighbor says the fence is coming over on his property line and he’s not too happy about it.”
Now, when I say finished, I mean they are finished and my work has just begun. We’re slowly clearing out the hoarder garage and I still have a million projects to do down there, but I’m excited about it.  I’ll show you some progress along the way, but for now I’m just going to share a photo of the day:
I was running last week and was about to die when I saw this sign on the trail.
april 2010 040 1
I’m usually not a proponent of any kind of graffiti, but how could you not laugh at this? And it kept me going! I hope they don’t take it down..
It made me think of this:

Happy Day After Mother’s Day~


  1. Is it lame that my first thoughts when I saw the stop sign were to sing the Glee version of that line? ;)

    I can't wait to see what you do with your basement. So exciting! Hope the baby is all healed up soon. My 4 year old didn't want to go to preschool today either. :s

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  3. The stop sign made me laugh - we have a few here that say Stop Hammer Time and Stop in the Name of Love. I guess at least the kids who are doing the graffiti are creative :)

  4. ahh reality=it's great! hope your week improves, and all gets well!

  5. Hope your baby is feeling better soon and that Stop sign is crazy!

  6. Ear infections are rough. My daughter had 8 in a 15 month span. I feel your pain. Hope he is feeling better soon. Cant wait to see the basement.

  7. Great sign! Excited to see your basement. My daughter used to get constant ear infections too. They stopped when she got tubes put in. I was worried about the procedure but it was such a blessing. She was finally pain free.

  8. We have a stop sign over by our Target that says the same thing!! I'm not a fan of graffiti--but you gotta love that!! I haven't read all the mothers day posts, but the one from Joy really touched my heart!! Can't wait to see your basement! Have a good Monday! (You should after your little guy gets some meds! :)

  9. Haha yes when I saw that I though of Glee straight away! Looking forward to seeing your basement!

    Gemma X

  10. I saw a sign that was identical to that one a few days ago! You don't, by chance, happen to live in Tallahassee, do you? :]

  11. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the ear...that's scary. The sign is great though!

  12. that ear monitor thing is genious!

    i had an ear infection myself two weeks ago that had me in tears it was so painful...made me feel for the little guys when they get one. i had no idea they came on so quickly and were so painful.

    hope your little one gets better soon :).

  13. It is always fun to jump right back into life isn't it?

    I can't wait to see your basement. I need to start decorating ours but I want to finish our master bedroom first.

    I do love the stop sign. That made me smile.

    Happy Monday!

  14. That ear gadget is way cool. That's amazing. Of course, I guess nothing does a lot of good in the middle of the night, huh?

    I can't wait to see your basement! How exciting to have your home free of workers! I suppose you're the worker now, though, aren't you? :)

    I'm glad you had a happy Mother's Day. And thank you again for inviting me to guest post last week. That was such fun for me!


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