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27 July 2010

I love that most people in the U.S. probably have some connection to Ellis Island. The feelings that our ancestors must have felt as they came to a new country to begin a new life. Most of the tiles and fixtures are original. We loved exploring here:july 2010 230 1 july 2010 231 1

I loved walking on the honeycomb tile and thinking that my ancestors may have walked over this very spot. july 2010 233 1
   I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to bring one of these trunks in the lobby back with me. My husband suggested that being arrested on our last day probably wouldn’t be the best way to exit the Big Apple. That’s why I need him :)july 2010 249 1
 july 2010 244 1 july 2010 234 1
july 2010 253 1
How cool would these designs be duplicated on a wall or piece of furniture? july 2010 256 1
Big, fat schoolhouse lights: july 2010 260 1
You know I’m a sucker for big, red letters :)
july 2010 261 1     Thanks for letting me share! Happy Wednesday~


  1. I loved visiting Ellis Island a few years ago. What an extraordinary place!

  2. Beautiful pics & the trunks are absolutely lovely, I would have probably have your same thoughts, lol.

  3. I took almost the exact same shot of the American flag that you did - it's hanging in my dining room as we speak.

    Great minds, right?

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. My parents and grandparents came to America through Ellis Island around 50 years ago. It was great to see what they might have seen.

  5. Awesome and Inspiring!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. This is neat. I teach U.S. History & this is one of the first things we discuss. So interesting.

  7. one of the best school trips that I went on.. I loved it. Every american should visit Ellis Island.
    Great pics!!!!!

  8. Niver been to New York.

    Thank you for the tour of Ellis Island.

  9. Next trip to NYC, Ellis Island is definitely on my list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  10. How cool!! I haven't been to Ellis Island yet, but it is on my "list." :) I know I have ancestors that were here in the 1700s, but not sure about any through Ellis Island. Loved the photos today. :)

  11. How cool to be able to get to tour that! I loved the big trunks too... I wonder if there is anything in them? & that light... ::sigh::

  12. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. How wonderful! I've been to NYC several times, but never been to Ellis Island. This post REALLY makes me want to visit!

    Can you imagine how people must have felt as they arrived there? It boggles the mind just to think of it. And to arrive there as a WOP (with out papers)--wow! I think my ancestors must have been more courageous than I am!

  14. I have never been there. Thanks for the tour. I would love those trunks too but they don't even fit my decor:)

  15. OHHHHH the lighting, the trunks! Love the photos!!


  16. I lived in New York for several years...I visit several times each year and I've never been to Ellis Island. Thank you for posting this! I fun tour! Love you husband's caution about the trunks...but I would have felt the same impulse that you did!

  17. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos!  Our students study Ellis Island and do a simulation.  These photos will be helpful.

  18. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos!  Our students study Ellis Island and do a simulation.  These photos will be helpful.


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