goodwill frame = playroom art

06 July 2010

I found this framed print at the Goodwill for $3.99. I loved the big, white mat and simple frame and knew the shoe could be switched out for anything, so I snatched it up. Inexpensive framed prints can be re-purposed anywhere in your house. Keep your eyes open!
july 2010 002 1

Tear off the back paper.
No one is going to look behind your pictures, so you just rip to your heart’s content. If you do have guests lifting the pictures off the wall and examining the backsides….well, you’ve got bigger issues than finding a cute picture for your playroom.
july 2010 004 1
Lift up the staples all around with a butter knife
july 2010 006 1

Separate everything
july 2010 007 1  We decided to use a page from one of our favorite books. Never fear! We have 2 extra copies! I didn’t feel cutting this one up.
I’ll eat you  up I love you so…july 2010 009 1 We gave the frame a coat of Krylon’s Ivy Leaf spray paint, and we have
“new, custom” art for the playroom!
july 2010 021 1 
We also came up with this solution for the space between the letters and numbers downstairs.
july 2010 020 1 
Many suggested something with a star or school-type stuff, so this is how we interpreted it. Back to school stuff is coming out all over, so pencils are dirt cheap:july 2010 035 1
We’re kind of starting to make some progress down here! :)
Happy Tuesday~


  1. Great frame and mat, Melissa! I love how you painted it and the picture you used for it. Perfect for a play room!

  2. sooo cute! i love where the wild things are and it fits into that frame beautifully!

  3. Amazing what a can of spray paint can do! and I love the pencils! how cute and appropriate is that? Thanks for the continuing if I could just stop lurking and start doing...

  4. Cute art! I am also lovin' the pencils! So smart!

  5. YES! "And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"

    That picture that you framed? My boys used to mimic that picture when we were reading the book. We called it "rumpussing." When the Wild Things movie came out, I started reciting. I can still say many, many pages of this book by heart.

    Framing a page from a favorite book is a great idea! Can't you just imagine a nursery with some pages from Goodnight, Moon framed?

    Love your pencils on the wall. I hot-glue pencils to vases to make gifts for teachers. Let me know if you want to see a photo.

    Love ya!

  6. LOVE!!!! Funny, b/c I like the shoe, but since it's going in a playroom, I can totally see the wild things fitting in too. ;)

  7. i love the pencil art. what a clever idea. but i'm blocking my eyes when i read that school stuff is coming out already...i'm not ready for fall yet!!!


  8. I bought the Ivy Leaf paint to redo a wood coat rack for my bedroom. I should redo some of the old frames I have hanging around the house. Time to get crafty!

  9. Awesome job, you're so creative;0)

  10. Very cute idea with the pencils! You rock!
    Have a great day.

  11. It looks great! I love the pencils on the border. Great idea.

  12. I love your pencil idea! Looks great!

  13. How creative!! I adore the pencil idea

  14. I love the square mats and they are so expensive to buy but buying one with framed art might be the way to go now!! Great idea!

  15. I love the frame but I am LOVING the pencils. So cute! Can't wait to see the entire room.

  16. oh my goodness pencils! CUTE idea! I pretty much just love everything you do! Oh the Wild Thing and 7 art above, LOVE it too!


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